Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Philip Morris-Largest Cigarette Company in the United States

The move to decrease the cost of the premiere brand such as Marlboro was undertaken as the company seeks to maintain its dominant industry share from the cigarette segment. The company controls 42 percent with the domestic cigarette market, which accounted for 17 percent of total company sales and 30 percent of operating profits in 1993. Because of its industry share as well as the elevated attention that second-hand and first-hand smoke is receiving with regard to well being hazards, the company is really a defendant in a quantity of product-liability suits related to cigarettes.

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While the cigarette segment of Philip Morris's company is troublesome, food profits rose risen steadily during 1993, increasing 7 percent on an improve of 5 percent in sales for that market. This growth was based on volume growth and acquisitions over a global level, but was partially offset by unfavorable currency translations.

The company includes a powerful financial position. Over the past ten years, sales have elevated at an annual average rate of transform of 18.5 percent, although increasing at an annual rate of 20 percent over the last 5 years. This compares favorable with the annual rate of transform in earnings, that may be 21 percent for your past ten years, and 23.5 percent for the past Five years. Dividends have also increased at 22.5 percent for ones past ten years, and 25 percent for the past five years. The company's net profit margin has hovered in between six and seven percent during the 1980s and early 1990s,

The similarities in between RJR Nabisco and Philip Morris are striking: both are active and powerful participants in both the tobacco and the foods processing industries. Philip Morris sought to purchase RJR Nabisco during the late 1980s, but the business was instead purchased by Kohlberg Kravis Roberts and Company in 1989. As opposed to Philip Morris, however, the business has not enjoyed the exact same level of financial success because its acquisition.

Philip Morris only recently became the largest domestic foods processor, and it attained that popularity through its acquisitions. This marketplace segment remains characterized by a big range of organizations with out single company dominating the marketplace as Philip Morris does with cigarettes. However, the strong financial position of Philip Morris and its chief competitor's (RJR Nabisco) continuing financial woes put Philip Morris in a excellent position to gain industry share in this area.

There is speculation by some that RJR Nabisco might soon be divided into two separate companies, RJR and Nabisco, with RJR continuing to operate in the tobacco marketplace and Nabisco operating during the foods processing industry. These kinds of a division could consume place tax free assuming how the business can convince the Internal Earnings Program that there's a compelling firm argument for the division. The company's considerable debt load may prove a powerful barrier to this split, and there is a question as to regardless of whether a business that may be solely dependent on a cigarette industry has good long-term prospects.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Women's athletic apparel is often a category ripe for tapping you can find 74 million active women from the United States, who spend an estimated $17 billion annually on athletic apparel. Active women are a desirable target market or niche. They are mostly college-educated consumers in management and professional occupations, with house incomes exceeding $60,000 and critical disposable income. Numerous preserve advanced degrees.

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Women's footwear and sports apparel sales will hit $39 billion by 2005. In accordance with Rosemary Herceg writing in BRW (2002), because women purchase athletic wear for boyfriends, husbands and kids, along with for themselves, they account for 81 percent of all athletic apparel purchases. NIKE considered targeting the NIKEGoddess brand and notion to women inside 25 to 31 age group, in accordance with search it commissioned Nike decided instead to focus over a psychographics of all active women.

Sneakers are not the principal focus at NIKEGoddess, however. Most in the space is devoted to apparel. The selection is hybrid ? appropriate for track, field and casual Fridays. Nike believes the trend in adopting sportswear as lifestyle fashion favors Nike. NIKEGoddess offers good performing sports apparel, but it can also be incredibly flattering. You'll be able to run in it. It is possible to wear it out. And I believe which is what our client is searching at.


, from the late 1990s Nike was faced in the challenge of how to launch a brand new line of street shoe targeted at 12 to 17 year olds. Nike felt that its brand had lost the edge inside youth demographic, highlighted by the truth that parents have been wearing Nikes, which alienated the trend-conscious youth segment. Nike realized that to achieve this audience it could not use media how the target audience's parents consumed, as this would perpetuate the problem. Marketplace search revealed the target audience have been 'discoverers' and inclined to lead trends and reject mainstream styles. The brief to the agency was to make a buzz close to 6453, using a message that this is one more and edgy item that allows wearers to express their personality. A street stencil campaign was devised. The campaign was low budget yet highly successful as it tapped into the mindset with the audience and allowed young people to relate on the product.

Sociographics can also be idea of as the sociological characteristics that influence the way individuals receive and perceive messages such as advertising. Design, advertising, promoting as well as other communication decisions by Nike would be determined by evaluating the sociographic similarities between a group of potential buyers and then designing.

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Critiques of Globalization

One of the products having a major influence on the health of people all over the world is tobacco. Because of the treaty surrounding the exchange of this product, countries that normally limit access to it, are unable to. This has increased the amount of tobacco used worldwide, but specifically in Asia and most specifically in China (Werner, 2003). In fact, in China, because of the treaty, the biggest source of income for the government is in the tobacco tax. Cutting off access to tobacco completely means losing access to this funding. One of the options is double the tax charged on cigarettes. Studies in other countries show that while this does cut down on public consumption and the growing health problems brought along by smoking, it keeps the revenue, or tax income, the same. Tobacco companies, however, have made sure that entry into the World Trade Organizations depends on China cutting its Tobacco Tax in half. Werner sees this as a way of China becoming one more pawn in the global system currently in place.

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There is no disputing the fact that millions of people have become addicted to smoking in this country as well as others and that this health hazard seems to have grown overnight. The tobacco industry has used its influence in gaining power in organizations such the WTO in order to increase their business overseas. However, while the treaties being written to encourage globalization have basically bullied some countries into conforming to rules that are counter the country's own rules, there are also treaties being written to help keep industries in check so that they will not bully other countries into accepting standards that may endanger the people of any one country. The following will discuss opposing views to Werner's essay and look at counter-measures that are being used to balance out some WTO standards.

The treaty requires adoption and implementation of minimum standards for the regulation of the content of tobacco products; clear and full labeling of tobacco products (dropping misleading descriptions such as "light" and requiring a clear and prominently placed health warning on packaging); promotion and strengthening of education, training, and public awareness programs to spread knowledge of the effects of tobacco consumption; price and tax measures to reduce demand for tobacco; non-price related measures to reduce the demand for tobacco (including a reduction and an eventual ban on cigarette advertising and sports sponsorships); measures to prevent passive smoking (including smoking bans on public transport systems, in workplaces, and in public areas); demand reduction measures (including the creation of national programs to treat addiction and dependence); measures relating to control of the tobacco supply (including restricting sales to minors); the creation of national programs relating to surveillance, monitoring, and research of the impact of tobacco smoking; moves to control and prevent the illicit tobacco trade (including the enacting or strengthening of legislation that prohibits the illicit trade in tobacco products); elimination of subsidies for tobacco cultivation; and measures to protect the environment.


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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Managerial Attitudes

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

TV Advertising, Persuation or Deception?

What the commercial neglects to inform the viewer is how the same government study also shows that no other brand is weaker or works slower - they have been all equal. The exact same is true of the pain reliever's claims concerning effectiveness and amount of stomach upset. As soon as an advertiser is truly desperate for your selling point, he might turn to irrelevancies. For instance, the ibuprofen-based pain reliever Nuprin is touted as being "Little. Yellow. Different." Obviously, these kinds of characteristics have absolutely nothing to try and do with the effectiveness in the product, and yet it has been a successful ad campaign.

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The reality that ads like the latter are strong is finest stated by the simple fact that the commercial's primary appeal is an emotional rather than a rational one. Indeed, the dominant trend inside the eighties has been toward commercials using a specially emotional impact, also known as "image ads." Image ads don't concern themselves with petty things like item rewards or selling points; they often do not even bother to clearly identify what the solution is until the end of the commercial. A normal case is often a currently running spot on network television which shows a number of stylish young women in varying states of dishabille lounging close to in starkly furnished rooms.

Advertisers have lengthy known that commercials that make a person believe very good are likely to make him think excellent within the product being advertised. However, recent research signifies that commercials which evoke unpleasant feelings may be even more strong in manipulating consumers' behavior, that is certainly part on the reason behind the Shearson-Lehman Brothers and Nuprin ads said above. Probably the most thoroughly unpleasant ads on television today comes, oddly enough, in the king of heartwarming hype, AT&T. Their new firm phone procedure ads are designed, a company spokesperson says, to make the viewer anxious. They use a camera ricocheting inside the nervous hands for the drawn face of the person describing the collapse of his phone program and his business. This ad, and others like it, clearly plays on viewers' fears inside a much more overt fashion than we now have noticed within the past.

Many image ads are so confusing how the viewer has to stare at the screen just to figure out what is going on - that's exactly the intended effect. Confusion, made by unsteady camera jobs and unclear messages, grabs people's attention. Advertisers have also learned that flashing images on a screen so simply that they barely register is another very good attention-getting gimmick. The scientific reason for this can be that sudden changes in scene bring about an involuntary enhance in brain activity and this elevated exercising is linked on the potential to remember a commercial better. Pontiac's most recent ads took this "flash" system to an extreme.


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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Southwest Airlines

Only individuals who match the rigid personnel profile is going to be hired. Southwest does not use personality screening like other airlines. They believe they are able to usually adjust skill levels, but they cannot transform attitudes, and its attitude they're seeking (Bunz and Maes 1998). This has resulted inside a extremely efficient, motivated workforce, and an efficient work environment that attracts customers.

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Pilots at Southwest are the only pilots of a major U.S. airline who don't belong to a nation'l union: they are unionized independently, allowing them to fly additional hours than pilots of other airlines (Leavenworth 2005). Other workers are unionized, but with flexible contracts which they are able to jump in and out of. Southwest hires for attitude, rather than aptitude. In 2001, it used peers to screen candidates and conduct interviews: pilots hired pilots, gate agents hired gate agents.

Southwest provides profit sharing for its employees through stock choices which gives the employees a stake in what they're working for. It was the very first company to supply these kinds of a plan, in 1973, and that is a single way of ensuring that owners and employees are working for ones same goals (Southwest). Currently, employees own approximately 12 percent of the company, that is certainly an very strong incentive because it encourages loyalty and inspires motivation.

Forbes magazine has consistently listed Southwest as 1 in the 10 finest businesses to jobs for from the United States (Leavenworth 2005). It has produced a horizontal organization based on cross-functional teams which diffuses blame, and has adequate staffing to offer coaching, feedback, and learning. Southwest's culture emphasizes teamwork more than person effort, and uses a program known as team delay that is less precise reporting on the trigger of delays to diffuse blame and encourage learning. It also emphasizes tiny supervisory spans of control, and includes a single layer of management at the middle level, with out geographic breakdown of management responsibility.


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Monday, October 22, 2012

The Marshall

58 billion, representing nearly a 50 percent increase from 1997. Listed "income from continuing operations before extraordinary item and cumulative effect of accounting change" was $528 million, more than double the 1997 performance (TJX Companies, 2002, p. 17). The Marmaxx operating unit, comprising Marshall's and TJ Maxx, accounted for $8.3 billion in net sales for 2001, or about 87 percent of total volume for all TJX groups (TJX Companies, 2002, p. 35).

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TJX as a whole showed a sales increase of 11.8 percent between 2000 and 2001, as compared to 10.2 percent for Ross Dress for Less and 1.3 percent for The Gap (National Retail Federation, 2002). As by far the largest component of TJX, the Marmaxx unit must have had comparable performance.

In the fall of 2002, however, Marmaxx same store sales were showing annual growth of only 1 percent, as compared to 4 percent the previous year (Wedbush Morgan, 2002). This may be attributed to the sluggish economy. As a demonstration of how extraneous factors can affect retail performance, however, sales of fall clothing were depressed by unusually warm late summer and early fall weather (Wedbush Morgan, 2002).

Large volume per store, inexpensive locations, and reduced sales staff in proportion to merchandise flow are among the tactical elements that allow Marshall's to support such reduced prices. As noted above, in addition to apparel and accessories it carries items such as bedding and household clocks. These are viewed by consumers within the broad fashion aura, and thus support rather than distracting from a primary focus on apparel.

Nevertheless, Marshall's positioning in the market should allow it to weather a slowdown relatively well. Its emphasis on off-pricing may even render its fashion offerings an "affordable luxury" for consumers compelled by tight economic circumstances to forgo big-ticket purchases. Moreover, Marshall's is likewise well positioned with respect to the longer-term trend favoring off-pricing and a personal rather than branded sense of style. So long as these structural trends persist, Marshall's is in a position not only to weather an economic storm but to capitalize on a resumption of consumer confidence and spending growth.

Ross Dress for Less tends to skew young, both in the styles and sizes of apparel offered, and in its tight focus on apparel and accessories. The model Ross customer is the young woman or girl looking for attractive outfits at a low price, and less likely to add a set of bath towels to her intended purchases. With its West Coast sensibility and tight focus, Ross Dress for Less has effectively positioned itself as the "entry level" for the fashion consumer.

The opportunities available to Marshall's are the converse of the potential threats facing it. It is about as well-positioned as any fashion retailer to successfully weather the current economic slowdown, retaining its short-term financial strength and strong consumer image.


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Friday, October 19, 2012

Collective Bargaining by Holley Jennings

Indeed, Sloane and Witney land that although wages are even now "number one" in terms with the most essential or controversial issues addressed in collective bargaining, job security considerations are now running a close second. Inside the NHL, the collective bargaining agreement recently signed includes a waiver rule for players that provide them security if they're moved down for the minor leagues. As Czurak argues, "the rule is in line with the overall intent of the CBA to generate parity across the league and to force franchises to develop their talent instead of sign a bunch of costly free agents."

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Economic supplements - or economic problems not commonly subsumed in the rubric of wages (hourly, overtime, and so on) - are of significance as well. These concerns include this kind of matters as pensions (eligibility, contributory versus noncontributory plans, funding, vesting) the benefits in the Employee Retirement and Security Act of 1974 (ERISA), vacation and holiday and sick pay, health benefits, dismissal pay, reporting of pay along with other economic matters, and also the growth on the general benefit package obtainable to workers. This listing of non-wage economic matters covered by collective bargaining agreements illustrates an significant simple fact about such agreements: wages are the tip in the iceberg in terms with the economic matters that are directly involved within the relationship.

For one of the most part, Holley et al. argue that management seeks "flexibility in arranging work content and schedules to maximize efficiency." In contrast, unions participating in collective bargaining seek protection for employees' jobs and job rights once workplace changes occur. The NHL CBA does this by forcing teams to develop talent they already have and penalizing them if they hire free agents and move contemporary talent to the minor leagues. These activities are basically administrative matters that speak to management's really real need to keep manage over its company operations.

In addition, various administrative difficulties must also be addressed inside collective bargaining agreement. Holley, et al., identified these problems and noted that there are six broad areas that impact on contract negotiations and administration. These are: 1) technological improve and its impact on labor relations; 2) job security and seniority; 3) employee training; 4) jobs restructuring; 5) safety and health; and 6) accommodating employees with disabilities. In some of these areas, each labor and management are constrained by region and federal laws which shape the administrative responses of firms to matters impacting upon safety and health, hiring employees with disabilities, affirmative action and civil rights, and policies that affect task security and seniority.

Generally, both sides seek specificity as to this kind of matters. Management seeks to limit its economic prices and, in numerous instances, to gain control over pension funds. Labor, in contrast, seeks to create as quite a few economic benefits for its members as possible.

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Automated Business Management Report Plan

The Pc revolution has given folks entry to immediate results, autonomy and ingenuity that come from direct interaction with personal computer applications. As soon as database applications had been created exclusively by the MIS department, integrity and access manage were managed by those who have been specifically trained to handle them. Today, organizations are faced of the problem of how to capitalize on a advantages of end-user computing even though encouraging data-sharing and ensuring integrity and confidentiality.

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In quite a few operational info systems, the facts represent a structured collection. One record exists for each product and each has the exact same set of attributes. Facts systems also have validation and referential integrity requirements. There needs to be no duplications, and multiple references for ones same classification of details ought to have the exact same characteristics (for example, the same address for several contacts at one business in a customer database).

In transaction-based environments including banking systems and accounts payable, the cycle as well as the pre- and post-transaction processing work is predictable. Therefore, the format and schedule of reporting is also predictable. In these applications, standard, cyclical reporting has proven successful for monitoring and controlling transaction processing systems. Knowledge-based work, however, is neither repetitive nor predictable. A knowledge worker uses a wide quantity of resources, just like information.


However, the company's overall sales and gross profit are up more than the past quite a few years, having a specially attractive improve from 1999 to 2000. This indicates that the company is able to industry its products and services, but that it needs to translate those sales into profit (Dynatech Annual Report, 2000, p. A-1).

Although a number of large firms have implemented facts warehouses, the size with the data stored in this sort of warehouses and the costs associated with developing these projects has prevented some organizations from taking this route. Instead, several companies have decided to use info marts, which are tiny and more focused than data warehouses. Whether a details mart or information warehouse is used, companies are advised that they ought to not expect dollar savings; instead, they will see elevated productivity via better management of their data. However, whilst data marts are easier to develop than facts warehouses, they still require a high first investment relative to the easy relational databases of previous years (Vowler, 1998, p. 36).

Dynatech's primary stockholder is Clayton Dubilier & Rice, a venture capital company which efficiently took the company personal in 1998 (only five percent from the stock remained traded over-the-counter). The stock's performance has been meteoric due to the fact that time, and also the company announced in July 2000 that it would be issuing new favorite shares and would be returning to a NASDAQ listing within the over-the-counter trading that it currently employs. Right here chart illustrates the company's stock performance from 1997.

Small and medium-sized corporations have a tendency to use intranets to provide general details to employees, for example providing the employee handbook on-line and usually employed HR forms.



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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Greeks: The Trojan War

Yet, much of what Odysseus does shows his lack of emotional control, his impetuousness and his selfishness, which seems to become the opposite of what a ?hero' would represent to most men and women (Feeney 140). The functionality of this paper is to discuss the development of character from your actions of Homer's heroes to show that they might had been human, but they have been hardly humane.

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An epic hero is supposed being more than pettiness, and is to respect the chain of command in war as the cohesiveness that holds military men together, but we see more than and over that he is ruled by impetuosity and selfishness. The Odyssey serves like a sequel on the Iliad, as well as the relationship between the 2 poems is obvious throughout. The stuff of Greek epic is that of extreme human, instead of humane, reactions which have already been set up by Achilles.

When Achilles dragged Hector's entire body behind his chariot and rode about the city 3 times, he showed cruelty in victory and lack of respect for his fallen, worthy adversary. Had he acted morally and responsibly, he would had been in the mode of epic hero, but he still behaved irresponsibly. As soon as he vented his "wrath", he returned Hector's body, but this action doesn't change or mitigate the disrespect he inflicted on Hector or his unique culpability in making this rash thing (Feeney 147).

Odysseus is really a wanderer also famous for leading his followers astray, and leading others to wander about, particularly concerning himself or his real identity. The


Thornton, Agathe. Folks and Themes in Homer's Odyssey. London: Methuen, 1970

In the second phase of his argument, Odysseus explains that experience has taught him to give priority to words more than deeds. The contradiction is only apparent because it could be the potential of words to affect action that he singles out for praise. The power of words is manifest in different ways, not least in their potential to remove constraints that will stand within the way of successful political action?He focuses single-mindedly on the political matters prior to him, justice and piety are relegated on the shadowy globe of appearances.

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Frederick Herzberg

In using Herzberg's concept in order to be able for you to help NVR, Corporation, some of the related health problems and the motivators is going to be considered. Before delving directly straight in this kind of discussion, you should offer you some information about this company. NVR, Inc. can be a corporation providing you with assistance functions to each and every of their linked agencies: the) Johnson Houses, Nevada Properties and also Fox Shape Houses, that belong to the actual homebuilding section; as well as t) NVR Mortgage loan and NVR Pay out Companies, that provide funding programs, along with settling and also title services with regard to customers associated with NVR houses respectively. NVR, Inc. offers administrators, individual resource experts as well as information engineers which enable the previously mentioned organizations to perform their particular functions.

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Regarding the area regarding health problems, NVR, Inc. has targeted great consideration throughout supplying a good and nurturing work place in the following techniques. First, the actual administrators which monitor the functionality of the employees withinside the individual sections in many cases are available to supply positive and constructive comments. Even though someone worker has made an error, the particular supervisor is cautious in taking the time to profit the aforesaid employee conquer certain issues or perhaps difficulties. Because of this, the worker does not really sense embarrassed facing their own co-workers.

Lastly, NVR, Corporation. furthermore will pay huge focus on the level of remuneration agreed to workers. Besides reviewing advertisements which reveal the particular salaries regarding particular positions, the company additionally performs wage research to elicit the particular anticipation of the workers. In certain of those instances, the organization has recognized it's inferior settlement as well as elevated the total amount compensated so that you can workers withinside particular opportunities.

Rs, the interpersonal relationships in the workplace associated with NVR, Inc. are usually nourished through the company's perform methods that involve teamwork coming via people of various departments. Because of this, staff through various departments are usually highly acquainted with one another as well as prolong their conversation throughout lunch breaks or cracks. Additionally, wells such as administrators are also really strict throughout intervening withinside disruptive interpersonal situations, where workers work rudely or perhaps wrongly in order to be able for you to help other folks.

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Friday, October 12, 2012

The Byzantine Art

The "deep-rooted differences between the Christian churches from the West and East?developed various traditions," such as what a church need to look like architecturally (Benton & DiYanni 249). The basilica and also the rotunda have been the a couple of architectural forms produced inside the Western Empire. In contrast, the East developed a domed architectural form. The brilliance of Hagia Sofia is its architectural union of Eastern and Western types culminating from the creation of a domed basilica. The traditional Western basilica type was combined having a centrally located nave, capped off by a huge dome.

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Build in only 5 years, 532 to 537, as the New Cathedral of Constantinople by Emperor Justinian, Hagia Sophia was converted to a mosque at the Fall of Constantinople towards the Ottoman Turks in 1453 (Hagia Sophia - Very good Buildings Online).

Most architects of the ancient very good churches aren't remembered by name, but the Hagia Sofia is this sort of a very good architectural achievement how the mathematica

The very good beauty, architectural contributions, rich mosaics and historical and religious value of Hagia Sofia make it the great masterpiece of Byzantine architecture.

The interior of Hagia Sofia is a single of lightness. The placement of windows inside the clerestory and from the domes enhances the spirituality with the Church. A band of 40 windows circles the base of the dome. The effect in the changing light at a variety of times with the day streaming in during the windows reflects on a mosaics and marbles generating an artistic element, and also reflecting the Oriental love of splendor. The "elaborate surface decoration conceals the strength in the underlying structure," bringing a feeling of lightness towards interior" (Benton & DiYanni 255).

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

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Monday, October 1, 2012

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