Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Greeks: The Trojan War

Yet, much of what Odysseus does shows his lack of emotional control, his impetuousness and his selfishness, which seems to become the opposite of what a ?hero' would represent to most men and women (Feeney 140). The functionality of this paper is to discuss the development of character from your actions of Homer's heroes to show that they might had been human, but they have been hardly humane.

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An epic hero is supposed being more than pettiness, and is to respect the chain of command in war as the cohesiveness that holds military men together, but we see more than and over that he is ruled by impetuosity and selfishness. The Odyssey serves like a sequel on the Iliad, as well as the relationship between the 2 poems is obvious throughout. The stuff of Greek epic is that of extreme human, instead of humane, reactions which have already been set up by Achilles.

When Achilles dragged Hector's entire body behind his chariot and rode about the city 3 times, he showed cruelty in victory and lack of respect for his fallen, worthy adversary. Had he acted morally and responsibly, he would had been in the mode of epic hero, but he still behaved irresponsibly. As soon as he vented his "wrath", he returned Hector's body, but this action doesn't change or mitigate the disrespect he inflicted on Hector or his unique culpability in making this rash thing (Feeney 147).

Odysseus is really a wanderer also famous for leading his followers astray, and leading others to wander about, particularly concerning himself or his real identity. The


Thornton, Agathe. Folks and Themes in Homer's Odyssey. London: Methuen, 1970

In the second phase of his argument, Odysseus explains that experience has taught him to give priority to words more than deeds. The contradiction is only apparent because it could be the potential of words to affect action that he singles out for praise. The power of words is manifest in different ways, not least in their potential to remove constraints that will stand within the way of successful political action?He focuses single-mindedly on the political matters prior to him, justice and piety are relegated on the shadowy globe of appearances.

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