Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Women's athletic apparel is often a category ripe for tapping you can find 74 million active women from the United States, who spend an estimated $17 billion annually on athletic apparel. Active women are a desirable target market or niche. They are mostly college-educated consumers in management and professional occupations, with house incomes exceeding $60,000 and critical disposable income. Numerous preserve advanced degrees.

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Women's footwear and sports apparel sales will hit $39 billion by 2005. In accordance with Rosemary Herceg writing in BRW (2002), because women purchase athletic wear for boyfriends, husbands and kids, along with for themselves, they account for 81 percent of all athletic apparel purchases. NIKE considered targeting the NIKEGoddess brand and notion to women inside 25 to 31 age group, in accordance with search it commissioned Nike decided instead to focus over a psychographics of all active women.

Sneakers are not the principal focus at NIKEGoddess, however. Most in the space is devoted to apparel. The selection is hybrid ? appropriate for track, field and casual Fridays. Nike believes the trend in adopting sportswear as lifestyle fashion favors Nike. NIKEGoddess offers good performing sports apparel, but it can also be incredibly flattering. You'll be able to run in it. It is possible to wear it out. And I believe which is what our client is searching at.


, from the late 1990s Nike was faced in the challenge of how to launch a brand new line of street shoe targeted at 12 to 17 year olds. Nike felt that its brand had lost the edge inside youth demographic, highlighted by the truth that parents have been wearing Nikes, which alienated the trend-conscious youth segment. Nike realized that to achieve this audience it could not use media how the target audience's parents consumed, as this would perpetuate the problem. Marketplace search revealed the target audience have been 'discoverers' and inclined to lead trends and reject mainstream styles. The brief to the agency was to make a buzz close to 6453, using a message that this is one more and edgy item that allows wearers to express their personality. A street stencil campaign was devised. The campaign was low budget yet highly successful as it tapped into the mindset with the audience and allowed young people to relate on the product.

Sociographics can also be idea of as the sociological characteristics that influence the way individuals receive and perceive messages such as advertising. Design, advertising, promoting as well as other communication decisions by Nike would be determined by evaluating the sociographic similarities between a group of potential buyers and then designing.

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