Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Southwest Airlines

Only individuals who match the rigid personnel profile is going to be hired. Southwest does not use personality screening like other airlines. They believe they are able to usually adjust skill levels, but they cannot transform attitudes, and its attitude they're seeking (Bunz and Maes 1998). This has resulted inside a extremely efficient, motivated workforce, and an efficient work environment that attracts customers.

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Pilots at Southwest are the only pilots of a major U.S. airline who don't belong to a nation'l union: they are unionized independently, allowing them to fly additional hours than pilots of other airlines (Leavenworth 2005). Other workers are unionized, but with flexible contracts which they are able to jump in and out of. Southwest hires for attitude, rather than aptitude. In 2001, it used peers to screen candidates and conduct interviews: pilots hired pilots, gate agents hired gate agents.

Southwest provides profit sharing for its employees through stock choices which gives the employees a stake in what they're working for. It was the very first company to supply these kinds of a plan, in 1973, and that is a single way of ensuring that owners and employees are working for ones same goals (Southwest). Currently, employees own approximately 12 percent of the company, that is certainly an very strong incentive because it encourages loyalty and inspires motivation.

Forbes magazine has consistently listed Southwest as 1 in the 10 finest businesses to jobs for from the United States (Leavenworth 2005). It has produced a horizontal organization based on cross-functional teams which diffuses blame, and has adequate staffing to offer coaching, feedback, and learning. Southwest's culture emphasizes teamwork more than person effort, and uses a program known as team delay that is less precise reporting on the trigger of delays to diffuse blame and encourage learning. It also emphasizes tiny supervisory spans of control, and includes a single layer of management at the middle level, with out geographic breakdown of management responsibility.


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