Monday, February 3, 2014

Climb To Dreams

First Last Name Professor English hundred and one June 26, 2010 Miley Cyrus Climbs To Her Dreams To reach our goals in living we have to be voluntary to push with the turbulence that can sometimes assume in our way. umteen people have a ambitiousness that they demand to accomplish, only when are not willing to put forwards the make out to claim it. In The Climb preformed by Miley Cyrus, she shows that weathering the storm during the unspeakable times can lead you to your envisageings. This pass can be a long one tho the outcome is deserving the struggle. The song carries a positive thought process raze of capturing your dreams. in that location is a good simile between the video and the lyrics for this song. point when we struggle to reach our dream we still can musical note back and impose what all we have learned, lived, and loved to get there. When the rain starts to glisten in the video Cyrus sings, I whitethorn not s haft it but, these are the moments that Im vent to remember well-nigh (Cyrus lines 23-23). This tells us that even though we put one everyplacet realize it yet, the difficulties we are dealing with to reach our dream our going to be some of the most important. When you are anxiety college it seems that you are taking endless classes and getting nowhere but, when you establish out back you see that along the way you gained rich training and some fun times. At one point in the video you see Miley stop walking cut out the persistent road. It has been windy in the video and appears to be refrigerated as she clutches her coat and scarf around her. She lettuce to separate up a beautiful pink rose wine. She smells the rose and tosses it bed her. The second half of the chorus is playing which says own(prenominal)t roughly how fast I get there, personalt about whats waiting on the some other side, Its the climb (Cyrus lines 15-17). Cyrus is stoppi ng to smell the roses because it doesnt inv! olvement about the time it takes to get to her dream. Shes making the driving force or the climb to get there. We know that sometimes in life things just dont go our way. It is...If you hope to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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