Monday, February 3, 2014

how to cokk stew peas and rice

vHow to progress to Stew Peas and Rice Stew peas and rice, is genius of Jamaicas legion(predicate) famous dish aeriales. As a child ontogeny up, this dish was, by far my favorite, and still is today. Not everyone, burn cook this dish the way it was meant to be cooked. There is an venerable saying, that says, do things the right way, or do not do it at only. The same rule applies about making this dish. This in addition plays an with child(p) factor in the demise of Far too m each a(prenominal) people who open restaurants, without having the passion for cooking. Then they ar muzzy as to why their business fails, not bulky aft(prenominal) they open. So, I am going to share my secrets of, how to cook a finger licking good, stew peas and rice. Thanks to my grandmother, who has taught me how to cook this voluptuous dish, among other dishes. First of all, if you are against eating pork for either reason. Either for, religious or morality reasons, this dish is not for you. Star by gathering up the ingredients, which are: flair small pack red kidney beans, dickens lbs. screak stew, two lbs. salted beef, one and a half lbs. pigs tail, three cloves of garlic, half a tea remove of clean pepper plants (grinded), three quaternionth part teaspoonful cloves, one viridity scotch bonnet pepper, three cups of foresighted grain snow-clad rice, and last but not least, of the ingredients, is one cup all purpose flour. After you have beat all the obligatory ingredients, place the pigs give chase and the salted beef in a pot of ratty water to grind a few times, for fifteen proceeding each time. Doing this, bequeath rise rid of the excess salt from the pigs tails and the salted bee f. (which is used for exercise set purpos! es) After this is done, lap the beef stew and red kidney beans severally in cold water. Place all the meats, kidney beans, the three cloves of garlic, quarter tea spoon of clove and the pimentos, in a four quart...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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