Monday, February 3, 2014

The Beach

Oh no mom I cant do it Im too tired, Im sorry. I just cant go, someone will f altogether upon us! Wait wait. Sorry, hi Im JOSE and this is my written report alone I think Ill start from the beginning. It was a summer of 2008 and me and my family were at the beach. We were exclusively having rendering in the sun, and all my babe requireed to do was build a sandpaper castle or, just butterfly in the sand. So I just played with her but afterwards a while me and her went boggy boarding and we had so much fun then my mom and dad did it too. We all had a parcel erupt of fun. barely then after a while we all got out of the w haver and it was most lunch time so we went to the cooler and got our sandwiches and our water. So we ate and drank lots of water. Then when we were absolute my dad layed down on the chair and took a nap. My sister went concealment to building her sand castle and me and my mom went put up into the water and we w ent swim again. But I guess that from when we got out of the water to eat and when we got back into the water the rip current got stronger. But we didnt channelise note until after the life accommodate had to come redeem us. As I said in the beginning we were swimming and I guess we didnt notice that we were moving backwards.If you want to get a full essay, put together it on our website:

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