Sunday, December 8, 2013

Trade Places Essay

If you could change places with i person for a period of time, who would it be? A friend? Family? Celbrity? Cartoon character? Dead or alive. After answering that question have you even fantasy about other people you would like to change places with? I have maven person in particualar, and that persons nurture is Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs has pave the way for thousands of new electronics, and in the consumer business. Steve Jobs is the previous owner of apple; The company of which you know has produced the iPhone, iPod, and iPad. Kids now a days, have their on iPads, and iPods, even possibly their own iPhone. The fact that apple has marketed to the jr. generation has been asstounding to me. Steve has been able to tar deposit the right audience to sophisticate his products, therefore making him one of the weathiest people in the world. Steve is a advertising genius that is one of the reasons why I would get laid to trade places with him. Another reason why I would revere to be Steve Jobs, is because of how much coin he made. Steve jobs was the one of the vertex earners in the world hen he was live, and even to this day organises a ton of bullion, even though he is dead. Steve Jobs lettuce worth is 10.8 billion dollars. Just let that sink in and realize how much that really is. Thats a lot of money huh?
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Even today he makes over a one million million a month. And he is DEAD! I want to make money when im dead. That one fact shocks me. The stick out reason I would trade places with Steve Jobs is because not only did he run Apple Inc., he had a lot in Pixar vivification Company. Pixar Animation Company is one of the biggest animation compa nies in the world. They have produced workds! much(prenominal) as UP, Monsters Inc., and A Bugs Life just to name a few. So not only does he own one of the biggest electronic companies in the world, he also had his hand in one of, if not the biggest animation studios in the world. Steve Jobs was implant to be quite the jerk. He was rude to people, a despot if you must, simply not only...If you want to get a total essay, assure it on our website:

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