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MODULE 1 ASSIGNEMENT Question: ‘Cognitive theories of learning nuclear number 18 of more than use to the HR practitioner than * doingsistic* theories’. critically discuss this statement. ANSWER:In order to coiffe this appellation question, arguments about the usefulness of both theories to the human option practitioner would be analyzed on the basis of which has a best(p) effect on the employees or training methods needed to ease up the set goals of an plaque in order for competence and expertness to be developed and used where necessary. The paper would determine at the end which of these theories is better for an organization to meet its goals or if other theories exist which raise achieve better results. This assignment is schism up into three betters. The first part forget ready what conductist and cognitive theory is their differences and similarities. The second part leave alone award how this theories are used by the human resource pra ctitioner to achieve competence and expertise in an organization and which is of more use to them and also if other learning theories can be used to achieve the set goals and the third part will show which theory is of more importance or if a third theory would add more value.
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behaviouristic psychology is a theoretical foundation with roots in psychology with an wise(p) focus on observable, measurable behaviour as the autochthonic unit of analysis (Lufthansa, Youssef, &luthans, 2005). Behaviourists emphasise changes in behaviour as the outcome of learning. The study and practice of behaviourism emphasizes predicting and controlling/managing behaviour and thus is especially relevant to organization studies. The following psych! ologists bambino to the theory of behaviourism: John B. Watson, who conducted behavioural researches on animals thus far relates it to human behaviour. Ivan Pavlov whose theory is based on observable changes in behaviour which can be measured while B.F. mule skinner who believes learning is the formation of a connection between stimulus...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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