Friday, March 29, 2013

A Argument For A Medical Newletter

51.The following appeared in a medical newsletter.

Doctors have yearn suspected that secary infections may keep some
patients from improve quickly after severe heftiness strain. This opening
has at unrivaled time been proved by preliminary results of a study of ii groups of
patients. The for the first time group of patients, all in all being hard-boiled for muscle
injuries by Dr. Newland, a doctor who specializes in sports medicine, took
antibiotics regularly throughout their treatment. Their recuperation time
was, on average, 40 percent faster than typically expected. Patients in
the certify group, all being treated by Dr. Alton, a habitual physician,
were given sugar pills, although the patients believed they were fetching
antibiotics. Their average recuperation time was not significantly
reduced. Therefore, all patients who are diagnosed with muscle strain
would be well counsel to take antibiotics as part of their treatment.

The debater supported the hypothesis that secondary infections may keep some patients from healing quickly after severe muscle strain. To prove it, the arguer provided the results of a study of deuce groups of patients who were treated in different way. However, thither are several flaws in the arguers analysis.

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First, the treating conditions of the two groups were different which led the two results to become incomparable. The doctors of the two groups were different, one of whom specializes in sports medicine while the other is a general physician. It is acceptable to suspect that the first group of patients recuperated quickly that because their doctor was more professional. It has nothing to do with the antibiotics. In addition, the second group of patients was not mentioned if they took the sugar pills regularly, as opposed to the first group. If this was the case, the patients might be worried for their treatment. And the slowness of the recuperation of the second group might be caused by the disturbing mind.

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