Thursday, February 28, 2013

Labatt Tour

We started the tour from the process of brewery, on that point are four steps to make the beer, first, mixing grain with water, its finished at high; second, transport it in the bottom filter; third, its boiled, the flavour comes let out; last, let it ferment!

After perspicacious the process, we are lead to a cool room, the room is for measurement, and we ca-ca a go at it there is a kind of dry brew which is drug ab utilization to add the flavour to the beer, it costs $7 per litre. Now , they employ the computer adding to manufacture.

Then, we visited the assembly line of packaging , the vacuousing machine, alter machine. The guide told us, they use the recyclable bottles, so the bottles need to clean before filling with the beer. For save time, in the factory the use knife to cut off the bottom of the carton which is fill up with the empty bottles, so everytime we buy the beer, we always see there is a kind of trace on the bottom of the bottle.

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The bottles leave alone be sent to fill the beer after being cleaned up, they impart be put on the conveyor belt to be packaged, however some products is unqualified , so the checking machine that is consideration on the assembly line will reject them out of the line.
The machine makes 37 caisses de 24 bouteilles par min.

At last, they have to check the quality of the beer, in the packaged bottle of the beer, they must keep there is nothing between the cap and beer. They use a detector to insert and take it out cursorily , if the only bubble comes out, its good, and then its cap right away. The filler is checked every two weeks, they could holdfast it in time.If you want to get a full essay, distinguish it on our website: Orderessay

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