Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Native American Literature

political boss Seattle distinguished himself as a true drawing card of the Indians in his oration of 1854 where made his stand on the brass s offer to buy Indian arenas and resettle them in reservations . present was a man of peace and atonement , accepting customs duty and change in clear and equal terms , and peerless respectful of authority . He lived through history by that famous oration , as a leader of new counsel who saw things in their proper perspective and as an excellent communicator whose ideas he so eloquently defended p leadership seek peace quite of war , reconciliation instead of animosity . The Indians and the smock Men waged savage wars against each early(a) because the White Men drove the Indians a direction from their lands Land was dedicated to the Indians but was nothing but a goodness to the White Men . Ancestors of Red Men lived , fought and shed blood for their land . They considered their lands hollowed because it was their ancestors resting place . On the other hand , lands did not discipline any traditional significance for the White Men . Their line then was to use lands to build their industries upon . Land was a commodity that they bought and sold when economically expedient . These were the immediate causes of friction betwixt the Red Men and the White Men One s farming was alien to the other , such was basically what started the misunderstandings . Reconciling differences and construct on commonalities are directions leaders must take to defend peace and avoid war . On the offer of upper-case letter to buy their lands and the promised reservation that came with it , in Dr . Henry Smith s principal Seattle s 1854 Oration , Chief Seattle was hopeful that this would be a way for both the Red Men and the White Men may dwell apart in peace and that hostilities may neer return .
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He extended his hand in reconciliation when he said that the Good Father in working capital was both the White Men s and theirsChief Seattle was the breed of leader who would not abandon the old in favor of the new because in that respect were valuable lessons from the past that may help the people to conciliate to the present and the future . He valued the rich Indian cultural heritage like , love and care for constitution respect for their dead ancestors and the grounds they walked on , and the legacy of their birthright - the land which was their home . He spoke of the many quick times their people have gathered from dawn to declivity . The place they had spent many seasons on , would someday be hardly the home they knew . They may be replaced with a lavish metropolis or an industrial city that would be all in all strange to them . However , in Dr . Henry Smith s Chief Seattle s 1854 Oration the chief noted that change was inevitable and that it followed the of temperament . He refused to dwell on the reasons why their tribes have dwindled in size over the years . Wars were...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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