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=?ISO-8859-1?Q?1=2E In_At_Least_200_Of_Your_Own_Words=2C_Assess_?= What Makes T. S. Eliots Prufrock Or Waste Land A Distinctly “modern” Work Of Literature.

Looking Through The Waste LandIt always seems a curiosity to me to read about people , who at their time peck visualize what will happen in the future , may it be good or bad . For instance , thither is Bill Gates , who saw the future of the personal computers with his Microsoft bay window . Then , there is Dr . Martin Cooper , who invented the first modern takeout handset for Motorola which possibly gave rise to the cellphone technology . In the corresponding way the famous literary writer T .S . Eliot perceived what will happen in the modern adult male in his poetry , The Waste LandAlthough it may not be the intention of the author to foresee reality in the twenty-first century , the images depicted in the verse form relate substantially with what is happening nowadays . The animatenessless image in the poem presents the lifelessness that we too experience . In particular , the poem expresses that there is dryness everywhere , and no water . as well as , the water crisis has bothered a lot of people in some countries (i .e , Australia In fact , some religious organizations bring called for the conservation of waterAnother image presented is the wipeout of the environment . There is the call of a dead tree that gives no shelter , embrown fog in winter rat creeping through the field , and a cricket s sound that does not suffer calmness . Relating it to reality , we can note the overall devastation in the natural resources , and the unsanitary condition of our streetsMore than the source of destruction , The Waste Land presents a more important reflection - the theme of desolation . The character of Lil presents the major conflicts related to this theme . In the poem , we see Lil suffering from emotional wind due to poverty , aloneness , and unhealthy condition .
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She has quintette children to feed and one who died Just like her , there are a lot of women who are presently suffering from the same problems that make them feel hopelessMoreover , the concept of the author in theme the poem presents a modern dilemma among people , curiously the younger generation . As it appears to me , the poem presents disturbed ideas of a person regarding the ugliness of his society . The persona expresses them as they keep up out of his head , and reflects on their meaning and implication to life . This manner of thinking , I believe , presents an existential observe of the world , in which one tries to see what remains in the destruction , the relevance of each event , and how each makes up the meaning of lifeThe end of the poem likewise presents another modern-day concept , that is , globalization , with the use of French and Hindu footing that altogether suggests a unity of linguistic codesReferencesActivists call caution to the misuse of water and need for conservation (2004 . Faith and environmental science Network . Retrieved January 2 2007 , from hypertext transfer protocol /www .cathnews .com /news /406 / one hundred twenty-five .phpBellis , Mary (n .d ) Selling the Cell Phone . Retrieved January 2 , 2007 from http /inventors .about .com /library /weekly...If you want to get a full essay, tack together it on our website: Orderessay

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