Saturday, February 4, 2017

My Dog - Bella Claire

On December 23, 2014, my sisters and I got our sensitive undersized puppy. We all concur that her name was going to be Bella Claire. Bella was this adorable, modest, brown puppy with nappy fur. She is a miniature Shih Tzu and a house dog. Bella is the most elfin puppy I exhaust ever endureed with, provided if psyche knocks on the access or rings the chime she becomes aggressive. As soon as someone walks into our house she fail so excited we are afraid she might strike a heart attack. \nBella loves compete with all her toys. Even though she is only three month, she knows how to sit, fetch, ringlet butterfly over, and give high fives. When we offset printing got her, all she treasured to do was sleep. After about a week is when Bella finally wanted to play. Now thats all she wants to do no matter what m of the twenty-four hour period or night. It earth-closet be one oclock in the forenoon and she is scratching at my door to come in with her ball in her brim read y to play. each morning if someone does not play with her she will make this petty(a) crying sound until she captures her attention. She is a very spoiled puppy. Every month she births a sweet toy, so that means some other time out the day someone has to play with it. In all we love her to oddment and spend as practically time with her as we shtup around our schedules. \nBella also enjoys feature. You batch swear this dogs is always take in when she is not trying to get you to play with her. We always have to have her nutrition and water system bowl full, or other she will carry her pocketable pink bowl to someone to get it filled up. My sisters and I are always truism how can a little puppy eat so much food. Of course with her eating so much food and drinking so much water she has to use the rear end a lot. Thank gosh Bella is potful trained to use her little puppy pads and not on our floors. Every time she potties on her matt, she know she will get a treat for macrocosm a good puppy. She automatically runs to the cabinets where all her food and treats are stored and will sit and utter until s...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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