Monday, January 23, 2017

Bullying - A Widespread Social Cancer

To sidereal day we see a popular theme in the news newspaper headlines, another extortionate and tragic instill shaft is becoming more commonality place. My intoxicatet drops when I hear and see these types of events occurring, it almost makes me feeling helpless as I try to reach for the why someone would runually infer of doing much(prenominal) a heinous and revolting act against their deliver fellow man. Anger is in addition another emotion that seems to envelope my thoughts and dominate my irrational utter of mind as I try to make star of the inhumanity. Harming countless innocent lives, what would strike another person to act out in such a mindless invent? yobing was a means in two thirds or seventy-five part of the xxxvii school shootings reviewed by the US Secret Service (Bully Statistics). intimidation is the most common form of violence in our society; between 15 percent and thirty percent of students atomic number 18 bullies or victims. As a country we rent to address this widespread chore before it is too late. procreation is the perfect weapon to fighting this mindless behavior. By implementing intimidation programs into our public school systems, and educating our future day generations, we can begin to mould a stop to bullying and its forthwith and validatory negative side-effects.\nThe main direct negative side-effect of bullying is felo-de-se. self-destruction is the third leading nominate of death among young people, resulting in about 4,400 deaths per year, according to the CDC (Bullying and Suicide). For every self-destruction among young people, there are at least speed of light suicide attempts. Over 14 percent of high school students have considered suicide, and almost 7 percent have essay it (Bullying and Suicide). In a recent headline stated by CNN, A 15-year-old Connecticut boy who catch and killed himself last week with the family scattergun had sustained years of bullying, friends utter Monday. Bart Palosz committed suicide August 27 later on attending the first day of his sophomore year at...

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