Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A Self-Reflection of My Journey

I never k newborn how that my animation journey would arrive so many twists and turns. I have been finished good times and bad, but they all tack on up to who I am today. I realize that several(prenominal) people would not ask to have gone through some of the chapters of my carriage I have been through, but the stop result has well been worth(predicate) the challenge! I am happy and blessed to hump my life and to call this lifespan!\nMy childhood was filled with heaps of trials. My dad was a cross-country truck driver so he would be gone for days or weeks at a time. He came al-Qaida from one part and tack to beat backher my biological mom in bed with another man. They got break and my sister and I lived with my biological mom. She t overage us that our dad didnt love us and didnt want to see us. On a visit with my dad, when I was four, I met his new fille and she was very nice to me. He got married when I was six. My biological mom was the first to get remarried when I was phoebe bird. Her new keep up was a truck driver and an alcoholic. He would physically plague my sister and me and my biological mom would do nothing. When she wanted to go on a trip with her husband she would leave us with her brother who would also physically abuse me. When I was five she left us with a neighbor who had three kids, devil male childs 18, 15 and a female child 17. While she was gone the oldest boy and the girl sexually mistreated me and the 15 year old abused my sister who was two. When I told my bio mom what had happened she didnt gestate me.\nLater on when I was seven she decided she couldnt take my behavior anymore and told my dad she was sending me to Boys Town, a place for children with behavior problems, in Oklahoma. My dad told her that they would take me, so they went through the courts and my dad got hold of me. After moving in with them they told me I could call his new wife by her induce or mom. I started name her mom right away. My l ife changed drastically and they got me help when I told them what had been happenin... If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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