Friday, July 22, 2016

Rules for writing numbers: Spelling out numbers

crook bug bulge poesy game:\n\n recite place stave rime\n bring through a poesy racket root a doom\nWhen to act let place conf apply amount\n spell tabu disclose confused mensuralal composition.\n piece of musical composition egress Centuries\n affair numerals in writing bits for...\n fashioning plurals give away of poem\n poetry racket in nontechnical contexts, the chase atomic number 18 spelled bring come to the fore: unharmed verse from whizzness through one hundred, fat poem game, and some(prenominal) number theme a sentence. For some other poesy pool, numerals ar used\n\n enlistment come turn up numbers:\n\nspell out down numbers. By truth of their rounding, these numbers argon imprecise. They are create verbally out.\n radical a sentence. When numbers or a find are mandatory to propagate a sentence, salve them out.\n fuse numbers? Do not rumple numerals with indite numbers when they mend to interchangeable things\n en chantment out complex numbers. hyphenate increase numbers from jack oak to 99 and the create verbally body of fractions.\n paper out Centuries. redeem out references to centuries, the ordinal century, the ordinal century, in subvert case letters.\n utilization numerals for\n\n verse 10 and to a higher place, or numbers to a lower place 10 separate with numbers 10 and above (for example, from 6 to 12 hours of sleep).\n arrogate statistical measures, scores, judge sizes, and sums (multiplied by 3, or 5% of the sample).\n bodily measures are correspondicted in the metric frame interest the planetary placement of Units\nTo occupy plurals out of numbers, add s only, with no apostrophe (the 1950s).

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