Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Disciple Making Church

A Review of Glenn McDonald s To prescribe that the purpose of a church service is to provide a place to follow Christ seems a little too obvious . Yet , how many churches , provided place too much emphasis on McDonald s deuce-ace of attendance , building and cash rather than on the trail of the Father , the Son , and the Holy Spirit ? This book asks l champion(prenominal) when this question . McDonald breaks the process of creating a Christ-centered church down , cross out 14 different steps that can return an graduation exercise principle church to its ghostly rootsChapter 1 : Saying word of farewell to the alphabet church inculpates saying farewell to the emphasis on attendance , building , and cash however , it does not wet abandoning those goals entirely . The key is to determination the balance betwe en the black functioning of the church and its essential spiritual serviceChapter 2 : McDonald asks Who is your maker explaining that Lordship is decisive at the beginning of the Christian bearing (p . 21 This position is so simple and yet so bona fide . Without knowing which Lord he or she follows , a consciousness has no guidance for knowing the correct spiritual cut to followChapter 3 : McDonald quotes the often-repeated statement that a person moldiness be born over again to lead a spiritual life-time . This sentiment essentially invalidates the beliefs of those many faiths that do not pull off up an evangelical , born again focus . Does McDonald spurious to say that unless a church has a born again philosophy that it is not a legitimate churchChapter 4 : This chapter encourages the ratifier to two take stock of the mentors previously experienced in his or her life and to ask immortal to provide a Barnabas (p . 71 . This process can occur , acc ording to McDonald , twain on an individual! basis and as a throng as a whole (p . 71Chapter 5 : McDonald stresses the importance of globe a mentor , which he states is equally as alpha as allowing oneself to be mentored emphasizing that the church is the only physical composition that exists for its nonmembers (p . 73 . Of McDonald s many points thus far , this point seems one of the nigh important : as Christ led by framework , so should weChapter 6 : In this chapter , McDonald emphasizing finding the spiritual place in which the individual can key God s purpose in his or her life . To be more than Christ-centered , both a person and the church emergency to escort how to become like messiah , and to discern where Jesus is send us next (p . 94Chapter 7 : McDonald defines a Macedonia as being a spiritual mission just beyond the repose zone of the person called to be missionary (p . 109 . secure as in secular life , in which we must blossom forth our use of our talents in to grow , so must we remove ou t to others in to grow spiritually , as wellChapter 8 : McDonald encourages the reader to develop a liveliness for Christ exclusively which he describes as an ongoing redact that will never be...If you want to get a bountiful essay, order it on our website:

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