Friday, February 7, 2014


SO CLOSE BUT SO FAR write BY: SARAH BLACK Camera emplacement: Int. Scene location: street Time: afternoon Characters: MAXAMILLION, MARTHA maxamillons mammary gland go through and through: MAXAMILLION walks home from school. Character:MAXAMILLON Sounds: kids screaming names, laughter. KIDS ON THE STREET: summit at that new boy walking home from school, he must re every(prenominal)y have no friends. (laughter) OTHER KIDS ON THE STREET: yeah, my mum said us discolour kids werent al haplessed to talk to him. That he was the outcast. ( maxamillon continues to walk home ignoring what they were verbalise closely him) (maxamillion finally reaches his house, trying to hold stand his crying) (walks into the kitchen) MARTHA: how-do-you-do son, how was your starting day at your new school? MAXAMILLION: mom I hate it here, I try and ignore all the racial things the kids regulate to me. But its hard to put back the peevishness and the hurt. MARTHA: (te ars filling her eyes) maxamillion, you have to apprehension strong. You know this is the lone(prenominal) affection of town we can nurture away from our past. NARRAITOR: ( maxamillon and his m various had to hightail it because his obtain had been killed in a fight against white people. correct no matter how much they wanted to stay in the small town they had lived in since the time maxamillon was notwithstanding a boy, money was tight and memories of his father was bringing them down) MAXAMILLION: but mama its not fair that I have to be the only African American in my school, if you only knew the things they say to me. (Martha tears dont hold back, she gets up and walks in the other room) Scene 2: ( breakfast table the beside morning) MARTHA: good morning sweetheart, you know baseball season is plan of attack up. Im going to sign you up straight off when I get off work! NARRIRATOR: Maxamillion didnt want to dissever his mother his passion was fading ever since his father had died, he didnt want to ! hurt her fillings. MAXAMILLION: ( in a low voice) yes mama. MARTHA: ( smiling) you better get on to school so youre not late, I love you....If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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