Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Birds Essay

The Odd Bird Behavior The birds in the movie rent odd behavior. Melanie Daniels connects the odd behavior the birds display. She connects the behavior by enforce her experience and knowledge of the birds from throughout the story. The birds acting strange do not get passed Melanie Daniels eyes. Melanie Daniels connects odd behavior in the birds by her experiences with the birds throughout the story. Melanie keeps her trenchant eyes on the cast out since her keen sight observes all the birds flying throughout the air. Melanie walks into the darling shop to look at birds, but as she walks in she asks the worker, (Have you ever seen so many gulls (itchcock 8). Melanie sees the birds being incessant beca use of goods and services the never-failing total of birds seems efficacious since the number of birds seem effective in the metropolis because there appears to never be that many gulls. The anathemize presents of the birds makes Melanie use the ack-ack guns to connect the birds odd behaviors because of the sense of hatred in the birds. At Cathys party, after all the kids are safe, Melanie asks Mitch, Mitch, this isnt usual, is it, the gull when I was in the boat yesterday, the one at Annies last night (Hitchcock 679).
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Melanie realizes the situation is not unmindful because the birds pom-poms are not absurd since the birds attack the people on purpose. The brazen behaviors of the birds are seen by Melanies observations, sense of knowledge, and experience of the birds attacks since the birds behaviors are audacious. The experiences with the birds are not affable, but leave Melanie Daniels with the startle of a very unfriendly relationship between herself and the birds. Melanies knowledge of the q! uintessence of birds behavior leaves Melanie to date back the odd behavior because the typical way birds act appears to be different from the way the birds at Bodega Bay are acting. Melanie knows something seems to ruin the birds anger because the birds are irritated and beleaguer people is very unusual....If you want to get a well-fixed essay, order it on our website:

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