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Tensile test: Of all the tests used to evaluate the robotic properties, the fictile test is, perhaps, the most useful. The test specimen is fabricate so that a part of its length (called the venture length) has a minimum, furnish cross-sectional argona. The sample is elongated in uniaxial focus at a constant rate. The utilise load, measured by a load cell, and the distance between two shoots inwardly the figure length are recorded. The test continues over a comparatively short period of time until the specimen fractures. A load-elongation make out whitethorn be plotted from the results of a focus test. These results are usually restated in terms of stress and tug, which are individual of the geometry of the specimen. The engineering stress, , is defined as the proportion of the load, P, applied to the sample, share out by the victor cross-sectional area of the pass judgment length, Ao, while the engineering strain, e, is defined as the ratio of the salmagundi show in length, l, of the gauge length divided by its captain length, lo. From typical stress-strain curves it is often seen that initially stress is proportional to strain; that is, stress and strain are linearly related to by means of Hookes law. In this portion of the graph, the ratio of stress divided by strain is the Youngs modulus of the material.
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The stress at which linearity ends is called the elastic limit. If the load is outside from the specimen onwards the elastic limit is reached, the specimen depart return to its original length, lo. Many materials show a decisive end product point while for others this point is difficult to determine. different approximations then may be used for the des! ign yield stress, the most gross being the offset yield dexterity, which is the intensity level of the material by and by a certain kernel of plastic deformation, usually 0.2%. (In such materials, the offset yield strength can be goaded much more accurately and consistently than the elastic limit.) As the specimen continues to elongate...If you want to substantiate a full essay, revisal it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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