Friday, January 24, 2014

Suki’s Kimono

Good afternoon classmates, ms.cocca, and visitors. My name is palk and my oral book knock across is on the book Sukis Kimono by Chieri Ugeaki and illustrator Stephan Jorisch. It was the first daylight of school. Suki lossed to wear her kimono that her obachan gave her. But her sisters thought she looked weird They state you cant wear that verbalise unrivalled of them named Mari, lot will laugh at you and wont chat up with you state the other named Yumi. But Suki unless said no and followed them to the front steps. Mother took a stick out and waved bye as the sisters walked to school. Mari and Yumi made sure they stayed several paces up of Suki. When she reached the school, her sisters hurried to their friends. nearly people laughed at Suki hardly she righteous igno vehement them and sit on a swing. A fille sat beside her and said hi Suki and Suki said hi penny .cent asked where she got those shoes and wherefore she was dressed so funny. Suki said I got these shoes from my nanna, and Im not dressed funny. When the bell shape rang Suki and penny went to the first day assembly. After they went to their new classrooms. Suki and Penny sat together. both boys boys that sat in front of Suki giggled lav their hands. One boy snatched at Sukis sleeve and said Look! Shes a hit!. When the teacher came in she said welcome to first sucker! , My name is Mrs.paggio, allow introduce ourselves and sh are what we did this summer . When it was Sukis turn she told the teacher her name, she was asked what she did over this summer. Suki said my grandma came to visit, She bought me this kimono and geta said Suki as she lifting her foot to show the bright red shoes. Somebody laughed but Suki just continued, my favorite part was when grandma took me to a road festival where people and girls dressed deal me danced, a a a couple of(prenominal)(prenominal) steps are like this . Suki started to dance a few steps that she remembered and when she couldnt remember the nest step she just mad! e it up. When she was finished...If you want to get a full essay, hostelry it on our website:

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