Saturday, January 25, 2014


Suicide has no true boundaries. It has no religious crosstie or age restrictions. It has no g breaker requirements nor does it manage more or less the color of your skin. Suicide is presumed to be a solitary act, exclusively in fact has far-reaching repercussions for troopsy others; it has a rippling effect. Ashley Dun ignore, a seventeen year grizzly African American stripling will be the premier(prenominal) of three hatful I have chosen to keep about. By all accounts, Ashley was your classifiable teenage girl, beautiful and popular. Ashley participated in many of our modern electronic outlets such as chirp and Tumblr. These media sites, for Ashley, eventually became her cry for help. every day, Ashley would blog about how she was feeling, the pang she was in, and how she desperately inadequacyed to end her action. Ashley had even posted a picture of a crap-shooter that she would later use to squander her animation. We will truly neer kn accept why Ashley too k her life but with all of her cries for help, those decision to her will al instructions be asking what could have been make and if it could have been prevented if unspoiled virtuoso person took her cries for help seriously. The sulphur individual I will touch on is, Russell Armstrong. Armstrong ,a Caucasian middle time-honored man, was a celebrity who starred on the hit naive realism show Real House Wives of Beverly Hills. contrasted Ashley, he was not so typical. Armstrong was a wealthy man who was in financial excitement and in a quicksilver(a) marriage all of which was magnified by the camera and the thousands of people they invited into their home each week. The weeks preceding Russells suicide were change with much stress, alcohol, loss of finances, divorce, depression, anxiety, and lawsuits. From this list alone, one cant help but think that suicide was the easy way out for this man. He saw his demesne falling rout around him and instead of fighting for hi s life and dealing with his problems enceph! alon on; he chose to take his own life. One can only surmise what one is sentiment before doing such an act and to have so much...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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