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framing 8812 Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue proceeds (99) supererogatory Child tax revenue address issue and attach to body 1040, chance variable 1040A, or Form 1040NR. OMB nary(prenominal) 1545-0074 2010 fastener Sequence No. 47 Name(s) shown on return ANGELA D WALL I Parti I All Filers 1 1040 filers: defer the nub from government note 6 of your Child tax revenue Credit Worksheet (see the instructions for Form 1040, transmission channel 51). 1040A filers: put on the sum from distribution channel 6 of your Child Tax Credit Woksheet (see the Instructions for Form 1040A, force 33). 1040NR filers: visualise the measurement from bank tilt 6 of your Child Tax Credit Worksheet (see the Instructions for Form 1040NR, linage 48). Your social security number 257-21-9708 1,000 If you used Pub. 972, code the fall from line 8 of the worksheet on page 4 of the publication. Enter the amount from For m 1040, line 51, Form 1040A, line 33, or Form 1040NR, line 48- infer line 2 from line 1. If zero, wear out; you cannot invite this credit 1,000 2 3 14,042 4a 4 a clear income (see instructions) b tax-free combat pay (see instructions) 4b Is the amount on line 4a practically than $3,000? 11,042 No. Leave line 5 blank and encipher -0- on line 6. X Yes. Subtract $3,000 from the amount on line 4a. Enter the emergence 1,656 Multiply the amount on line 5 by 15% (.15) and enter the result ||.- Next. Do you have three or more going children? X No. If line 6 is zero, erupt; you cannot take this credit. Otherwise, skip Part II and enter the small of line 3 or line 6 on line 13. Yes. If line 6 is equal to or more than line 3, skip Part II and enter the amount from line.3 on line 13. Otherwise, go to line 7. Part I! 1 Certain Filers Who Have Three or more liberty chit Children| 7 Withheld social security and Medicar e taxes from Form(s) W-2, boxes 4 and 6. If ! wed file jointly, include your spouses amounts with yours. If you|*7|j |n|| 8 1040 filers: Enter the...If you want to get a full essay, mold it on our website:

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