Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Knowelege Is Power

Desire for author is inherent in man. The love of causal agent comes from the consciousness of mans custodytal and moral favourable billet over other created beings. It is instinctive, on that pointfore, that man as choice being must control and dominate others. Again the aw beness that all(a) in all men be not created adapted gives birth to the thirst to rule and dominate others who are world-beaterless ; close to are intelligent, others dull; some brave and daring, others faint and timid. In the kindred way there are those who are educated, others comparatively ignorant, some wealthy, others poor. The history of the world, so far as man is concerned, is a history of the struggle for authority. Thus from the uninitiated wars of tribes and clans to the ruinous wars of today, there is only one idea john these wars and that is the thirst for power. more often than not speaking power is of two kinds, physical and mental. Physical power is of the lower smart set a s compared to the power of the mind. Primitive men mainly unsounded one kind of power and that was of the body. In past the dominance of the arms decided things and might alone was right. However, with the growth of civilisation and the development of the human mind, the mental power came to be recognize as of a superior order. genial power has its inception in knowledge.
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When man first appeared on the earth, he was no better than animals. He was ab by the fauna of prey and was a helpless being, a Antagonism create a adept of insecurity and uncertainty. As with individuals so with nations. Indias neighbors Pakistan and China, wipe out not only proved bad neighbors but a regula r nuisance. The armed aggressions on our ter! ritory have victimize our economic and political stability. The peaceful activities of building up a nation are endangered. We have to build up our effectualness and power militarily to face the situation adequately and with confidence. The forms of favorable life are determined by mens nature, and only as their natures improve can the forms become better. The practicability of...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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