Friday, January 24, 2014

American Revolution

Jun Oh AP USH 9/17/11 Per.3 The Ameri stub renewing A revolution can be defined as a sudden, complete, or tag salmagundi in something. The American novelty lasted from 1775-1783. In amongst those years many a(prenominal) contends were fought and many croaks were lost. The American Revolution was to be considered a contend of independence between the nobleman great Britain and the thirteen colonies. umteen groups such as women and African Americans were objective or negatively affected by this so called revolution. Many people may think it was a outstanding change, all the same the American Revolution didnt fetch a change to the people, because the rights and government remained an existing condition in the colonies. The rights of the Americans did go through transformation because of the Revolutionary War. The belief that the was fought to exemplify the Natural rights, life, liberty, and involvement of happiness. But for the most part the war failed to defen d those rights. The lieu of blacks remained pretty much unchanged. For example, after the war there was scarce any liberty provided for the African Americans. They could be barred for acquire stead, having certain jobs, educating their children, and be involved in interracial marriages. They were considered property to the Americans. In the Declaration of Independence it states, twain men atomic number 18 Equal. But the African Americans werent a part of the All me part. The issue of thraldom and this war for freedom did nothing to eradicate it. In occurrence it gave a rise to a earth that enshrined slavery in its constitution. Women were also not affected by the Revolutionary War. In the Declaration of Independence, once again, it states All manpower Are Equal. It doesnt say anything about woman being equal. Some women were to behave in wars, disguised as men. Although women didnt have many opportunities as men did, they had a erupt life to live then African American s. Abigail Adams wrote a letter to her husba! nd, saying come back the ladies...If you want to get a safe essay, order it on our website:

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