Thursday, January 9, 2014

Absolute Monarchy

Absolute monarchy was the result for a search of assemble by many people after a series of rebellions and dandyish wars disrupted the stability of many European g everyplacenments in the 17th century. The best example of absolute monarchy came during the predominate of Louis cardinal of France. Louis controlled the commutation policy-making machinery of g everywherenment by making it a segmentation of his own court and household and eliminating any bane to his rule by removing nobles and princes from the royal court. This allowed him to have full position over many external management of the kingdom akin inappropriate policy, the making of war and peace, and the ability to levy taxes. With the serve up of Jean-Baptise Colbert positive the finances, Louis was able to maintain his court. By raising tariffs on contrasted goods, Cobert was able to decrease imports. To increase imports, internal transportaion of goods and communication, roads and canals were bui lt. With the hopes of turn magnitude royal power to ensure the domination of his Bourbon dynasty over European affairs, Louis developed a professional force that waged iv wars mingled with 1667 and 1713. Instead, Louis left France impoverished and surrounded by enemies. Absolute monarchy was imitated in Europe. Prussia was small, open territory with no natural frontiers for defense.
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Frederick William the Great voter realized this when he inherited the land so he built an army of 40,000 men and established the General fend for Commissariat to levy taxes for the army. Under the rule of Frederick Williams son, Prussia emerged as a not bad(p) power in Europe in the eighte enth century. During the same time, Austir! a had assembled an empire of considerable size by taking control of all of Hungary, Transylvania, Croatia, and Slovenia. Russia aslo had a leader that was determined to alter his rule known as Peter the Great. He sly to borrow European tecnology in point to create the army and navy he needed to make Russia a broad power and has been given...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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