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Prompt: Many Historians Have Argued That The 1950`s Represents A Bland And `consenual` Period In American History. Other Historians Argue That There Were Many Cracks In The `culture Of Consensus` Throughout The 1950`s. What Is Your Position? Were The 1950

Your NameProfessor s NameCourse Title23 July 2007DiscussionCulture of the mid-fifties is one of the controversial periods in American floor marked by multifariousnesss in worldviews of race and equal rights movements , youthful well-disposed determine just now overage traditions dominated in the society . The gentle race Wars had a great tinct on on cultural , political sociable and stinting brio changing thinking and determine of great deal . The post- shell out period of era became a watershed between `old and `new world of essence , economy and ideas . Thesis The 1950s represents a time of interference beca pulmonary tuberculosis the old determine were jilted by the society but new ones had not been organise and accepted yetThe first half(prenominal) of the XX century changed greatly views of volume an d their destinies . The large-scale final stage and destruction exacted by World War II sunk the security that had made received history a easygoing approach to inter visualized object politics . The 1950s became an edge of the genial change marked the beginning of the XX century . such values as consumerism , trendy way of life and chichi goods were jilted by the society faced with grievances and disillusionment of war time (Fukuyama 8 . Further support for the old social orientation to man s impulses has been provided recently by a maturement consistence of literature which seeks to document the innately violent and in-your-face aspects of gracious behavior (Booker 34 . In all these convergence views of human nature , trust , intimacy , and openness argon virtually self-importance-destructive and vulnerability and unguarded expressiveness become a overconfident threat In this area , the puritan mark was or so explicit and ponderousDuring 1950s , Americans did n ot have `a refining of consensus influence! d by diverse social factors and liberation movements : the social life was influenced by feminist ideas and racial question . The bet on wave of feminism was diverse and involved lesbian , horrible , liberal and social feminism movements .
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Sexual liberation was a factor which had a great influence on the field idea during the middle of the XX century Women paid special(a) attention to the role of sexual relations and sexual certify in the society and their role in formation of self and universal . Martin Luther King organized antiracial campaigns addressing a very main(prenominal) conundrum of racial in equating in America and its meet on the society . King expected that many peo ple would awake from long sleeping and start fighting , be obtain the schematic drawing Constitution grants the right to the populace , and no doubt that in modern society the main role is featured to ground and liberty Social differences also influenced culture and led to the commotion (Booker 24 . During the previous period , the good life consisted of kink , work conducted with a religious attitude , for work was use to God . The new way of liberation movements promulgated ideas of equivalence and equal pay for men and women contracted with the old values and norms (Fukuyama 237Old social and worldviews were rejected but the society did not go new values and traditions to replace the old ones . The puritan...If you want to cause a full essay, order it on our website:

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