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What is Oligopolies? Oligopolies ar a small number of tautens, that be individually large enough to have an impact on the deal price of its outputs (Case, Fair, Oster, 2009). It is a market that can be rein in only when by a few firms, and they have spend a penny all oer of the market. The auto industry can be considered an Oligopoly. on that point ar the types of cars that are more expensive, and there are types of cars that are not as expensive. each company has mastery of what their prices can be. Each auto company offers different types of makes and models. There are umpteen competitors, but a few that it is predominate by are Ford, Toyota, and General Motors. According to the U.S. Census situation the quadruplet-spot firm concent dimensionn symmetry for fluid milk (311511) is 0.46. For Womens and missys cut & sew dresses (315233) it is 0.281. For envelopes (322232) it is 0.576. For electronic computers (334111) it is 0.859 (U.S. Cens us Bureau, 2007). tightness proportionality is the share of industry output in flagrant revenue or employment accounted for by the top firms (Case, Fair, Oster, 2009). It is the microscope stage to where performance or output is dominated by only a few large firms. Four firm denseness ratio measures the per centumage of market share is controlled by the top tetrad companies in the selective industry.
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If the quartette firm concentration ratio is great than 40 per centum that market would be considered and oligopoly. If the four firm concentration ratio is less than 40 percent that market would be competitive (Case, Fair, Oster, 2009). The concentration ratio of womens an d girls cut & sew dresses is 28.1 percent. ! Since this is less than 40 percent it would be considered competitive. Electronic computers, envelopes, and fluid milk are all over 40 percent. Since they are over 40 percent they would be oligopoly. What the four firm concentration ratio measure is the remainder of the market. If the four firm concentration ratio is over 40 percent that industry would be an oligopoly. The...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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