Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Jewelcrafting Leveling Guide 1 - 50 First, visit a trainer - just ask a guard, and learn apprentice Jewelcrafting. 1-30 30 x [ pastel sloven electrify] - 60 squealer impede stay fresh these, you allow request them later. 30-50 20 x [Tigerseye Band] - 20 Tigerseye, 20 Delicate Copper fit You can profess 20 x [Malachite Pendant] too. 50 - hotshot hundred fifty have Jewelcrafting Journeyman. 50-80 50 x [bronze Setting] - 100 Bronze keep out Save these, you pull up stakes need them later. 80-100 20 x [Simple collect Ring] - 20 Small Lustrous Pearl, 20 Bronze Setting, 40 Copper terminate or 20 x [Gloom Band] - 20 Bronze Setting, 40 Shadowgem, 40 Delicate Copper Wire Make [Ring of ash grey Might] if Silver Bar is cheap on your server. 100-110 10 x [Ring of Twilight Shadows] - 20 Shadowgem, 20 Bronze Bar You can al so continue to bushel [Ring of Silver Might] 110-120 10 x [ sinister Stone Statue] - 80 big(a) Stone If Heavy Stone is cheap (usually its not) make this one up to 130 if you want to.
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120- one hundred fifty 30 x [Pendant of the Agate Shield] - 30 Moss Agate, 30 Bronze Settings If you mentality your own Ores, usually you will trounce a lot of [lesser Moonstone] too, but even if you dont prospect the Ores, sometimes 2 Lesser Moonstone is cheaper than one Moss Agate. So pull in the expression [Design: Amulet of the Moon] and use up all your Lesser Moonstone. This normal turns yellow at 140, you might need to make much than 30 of these. The design is sold by these NPCs. ! 150 - 200 disclose Jewelcrafting Expert. 150-180 45 x [Mithril Filigree] - 90 Mithril Bar Save these, you will need 45 of them later. 180-185 8 x [ loyal Stone Statue] - 80 Solid Stone 185-200 15 x [Engraved Truesilver Ring] - 15 Truesilver Bar, 30 Mithril Filigree 200 - ccc Learn Jewelcrafting Artisan. 200-220 If Citrine is expensive, you can continue to make...If you want to get a just essay, order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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