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The term finale is complicated to describe, because the meaning is different in different context. To me, agriculture is the gift that was created by my ancestors, that was bestowed upon me by my parents, destroyed which my behaviour patterns, beliefs, trait, values, knowledge, practices are formed. In 2003, my family, and I immigrated to Canada, from a countrified in Asia called Pakistan. There are various cultures in Pakistan, unless the single that describes me today is Pashtun. The language that is spoken in my culture is Pashto, which is similar to Arabic and Farsi. Pashtun Culture dates back to 2nd millenary B.C., which makes it one of the oldest cultures in Pakistan. It is unclear how my culture came about, but what Ive been told by my parents is that, Pashtun is derived from the Iranian culture; some of the Iranians migrated to the east of Asia and by dint of time, Pashtun came to be the new culture. Living in Canada, I allow observed that my culture is vastly different from the dominant Canadian culture (Western culture), and in my opinion makes Pashtun culture a antipathetical culture. For example, In Canada the mainstream culture celebrates Christmas, however in our culture, we dont consider it as one of our holy celebrations.
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As with any(prenominal) some other culture, Pashtun culture also has a set of norms, mores, folkways, values, which settle and guides me in my thinking, and behavioural attributes. Melmastia is a Pashto word meaning, covering hospitality, and showing great respect to whomever a Pathan (members of Pashtun culture) meets despite their race, religion, class. speckle doing so, he or she shouldnt hope for a reinforci ng stimulus or any type of favour in return.! This is one of the norms considered as a folkway; that helps me behave respectively towards others while reminding me to not forecast others on their outlooks. In Pashtun culture, an individual must salvage and make ones honour, and be courageous. The importance of preserving my honour, and being valiant, helps...If you take to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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