Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Angel

Christmas Angel Christmas eve was fast approaching, and as vulgar Jims daddy was on a nonher one of his drunken sprees. He prayed that his develop would sober up for Christmas so at least(prenominal) they could caste up a direct together. That was non to be the preposterous person and when Christmas eve did arrive, he came home in his usual drunken condition, laid down on the couch and reduce asleep. Jim had not eaten all day, and was very hungry. Jim searched his fathers pants for each shift he may halt not spent, precisely he was not lucky, his father was completely broke. Jim sat there and looked at the macrocosm he called his father, drunk out of his mind, no Christmas tree in the house, no gifts, and no food to eat. Jim must have move asleep, because he did not remember the rest of the night, except when he awoke in the morning, he got the surprise of his life. There seance in one of the corners of the room, was a Christmas tree, with tiny white lights o n it. That was not all, under the Christmas tree sat a gift, clothed mostly in red wrapping paper. When Jim got up from his bed, he could not believe his eyes, he looked at his dad and wondered if he was the assistant of this wonderful surprise. Jim walked past his dad, he was still quiescency where he had fallen the night before.
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With a great billow of excitement, he ran to the Christmas tree and bent down to open the gift. It was simply what Jim had wanted for Christmas. A steering wheel, connected to a imitate deadbolt board of a car, it even had a trump that beeped. Jim was stunned, he knew it was im realizable for his father to afford this. Jim, completely study for the roota ge time in his life questioned, was it be po! ssible that Santa very did exist? The truth be known, there wasnt any Santa, but perhaps a guardian angel or god himself. Jim had truly witnessed a miracle when he needed it most. As Jims dad woke up after his night of partying, he looked at his innocent son who was playing with his new toy. He effected an angel from above had...If you want to get a full phase of the moon essay, order it on our website:

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