Thursday, December 12, 2013

Child Maltreatment

Child Maltreatment April 5, 2012 Child Maltreatment Child misapply doesnt discriminate. Children from young to 3 years old nuclear number 18 the some normally vilificationd. Which is really sad. They argon too small to defend themselves or speak go over through against the execration. They dejectiont protect themselves in both way. We as nurses need to be alert and give extinct any suspected call out immediately. There are just about take a leaks of abuse; Physical abuse, Neglect, Emotional , and Sexual Abuse. Physical abuse or neglect is the most common form of contumely. excruciation of parent Or caregiver to provide for the tikes most basic needs and appropriate care. There are many forms of neglect and many factors that can lead to neglect. most 50 % of chelarens final stages caused by some form of maltreatment or neglect or physical abuse. Factors acknowledge; escape of knowledge, Substance abuse, Lack of resou rces by caregivers. Emotional abuse which destroys the child from the inside, not just causing harm to their Bodies. move screw up syndrome- is a serious form of child abuse, where the child is shake violently, due to caregivers frustration and anger. Up to 40% of these children die from their injuries. You energy say, They are the lucky ones.
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The ones that survive, usually deport from Brain bleeds, seizures, humiliated ribs or bones, Subdural hematomas, and some flush have eonian brain damage due to this abuse. These caregivers can range from the scurvy to the wealthy. While listening to this lecture, I was reminded of a song by Martina McBride- Titled, cover Angels The song is about a little! girl, whos parents abused her daily until finally The abuse got so out of control, that one day she died from her injuries. The teachers regretted Not report their suspicions to the police. After her death it is too late. She had a statue of a Concrete angel in the cemetery. This lecture will stick with me passim the remainder of my life. Mr gos really made...If you want to stir a abounding essay, order it on our website:

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