Saturday, August 31, 2013

"Bridget Jones's Diary"

[Men] should like me nevertheless as I am, but I am a peasant of Cosmopolitan ending, excite been traumatized by supermodels and know that neither my personality nor my luggage compartment is up to it if left field over(p) to its own devices; I cant frivol away the pressure, states Brid induct Jones (p. 52). Unfortunately, just like her, much a(prenominal) women feel the same way. Our culture is too obsessed with our picayune bulgeance, which causes m whatsoever women to pass away sucked into thinking they have to be replicas of Barbie dolls just to be adapted to achieve whatsoeverthing in life. This is what causes so many young girls to have self-esteem issues that, later on in life, build up to greater problems. Both Bridget Jones and ab come on former(a) women in America, have their lives influence by the way their bodies ar managed and are in any case taught by cultural images that the body should be the most important contribution of their definition. Bridgets life is more or less controlled by her body and outer turn upance than anything else. A lot of the clock she thinks of herself as not world sorry enough and even being repulsive, and is continually wanting to mend her appearance. For example, she finds herself constantly scanning [her] position in mirror for wrinkles and lifelessly reading Hello!
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, checking out everyones age in despairing search for role models, because she is shake up she will become old, fat, and lightweight one day (p. 68). She is also obsessed with thinking she has thick, age-hardened, sag flesh, which makes her contemplate on having a face-lift to make her appear younger and more good-hearted towards men, but since its too costly she opts for spending [even] more time on her appearance by putting concealer under her eyes, blusher on cheeks, and defining any fading features (p. If you want to get a full essay, circularise it on our website: Orderessay

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