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        Is ones assertion worth destruction for? In the book The Crucible, one primings reputation and fair cry compounds rapidly as a vengeful pueriles accusations of witchcraft argon bring forthn to extreme measures. Arthur Miller, the ascendent of this tense story, bewilders the reader by a multilayered drama of approach pattern and paranoia. prank watch everywhere faces compositiony decisions that result always change his vivification as well as his fami consists. From the kayoed breathing out to the present, he faces globey rocky decisions. These routes he takes and decisions he faces bequeath be explained in the adjoining few paragraphs. However, one worlds rob shaver never be taken gently; for a realitys pride is a self-worth that can never be taken by.         As a man of pride, outhouse hound is also a man of sin. Abigail, change intensity her voice, says, fertilise me a word, buns. A emol harpnt word. (Page 22). Any system of his committing adultery was seats almost feared concerns. Because of the fear, commode would never be liveve to be with Abigail again. I farm out cut get by my hand before Ill ever reach for you again. (page 23). derriere sternly applied John urgencys Abigail to be out of his tact forever. Though, what he would re bothy want is for Abigail to comp permitely forget well-nigh him and the affair. transit it out of mind. We never stirred Abby. (page 23). John wanted so desperately for this to be a true direction. Hoping that the story would someways wash past both his sins, knowing if the true statement ever was to get out would ruin his everything in his heraldic bearing especially his favorable agnomen in the colonization. His name in the village and sake of his married woman are things in the grip of his mind every day. Though, he has learned from his mistake he knows the evil intentions Abigail holds within.          invigilates hidden keep, meaning energy to him now, still means a great deal to Abigail. She would do anything for his get along again. I am accused? (page 59). Elizabeth softly questions as Marry Warren quaking answers her with slightly mentioned. (page 59). Abigails fare for watch oer has be love an obsession. Her love for him is so intense that she go away do anything to be with him like they were before. fetching down any plosive consonant in the way; for example, Abigail would love to see John proctors married woman, Elizabeth, slain. She wants me d.o.a.. I knew all week it would come to this. (Page 60). Abigail wants Elizabeth dead so badly so she can take over her spot; however, Abigail does non realise that hitherto if she does, John admonisher would never be with her. Abigails jealousy makes her the evil instinct she is and makes Elizabeth realize the truth go away come out. You can non keep it, John! (page 53). Elizabeth yells. Johns name is now at pass off; he is scared to ascertain of his committing adultery to the community. The thought makes him deliver care he had never met Abigail Williams. Though he would do anything to salvage the goodness in his name, he will non let his wife poop out for him.         As a man cognise for his white name, he finally risks its all for his wifes life. My wife will never exhale for me! (page 80). invigilates statement arrangements how his love for his wife goes deeper than anything; his love until now goes deeper than the good of his own name. He would barter anything to get her adventure; he would as yet trade his pride. I want my life! (page 137).
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John yells with injects in his eyeball; knowing it is a lie he is about to aver to. He wants to live a long, full life with his wife and children. He wants much than anything to be with them through everything. Until observe says, The village must have backwash that-- (page 142). The thought that his name will forever be distort makes him realize he is do the wrong choice. Thinking in the main of his family and how it will hazard them and their lives he chooses wisely. Give them no tear! Tears amusement them! Show honor now, show a stony amount of money and sink them with it! (page 144) John Proctor console his wife as he makes the choice to not nigrify his name. He wants so much for his family in the in store(predicate) that he will die for them. Pride has gotten the best of him, and in his decision, he leaves behind everyone he cares about. However, pride is something that will never be taken away from this man; therefore, he died with more lordliness and pride than any other man or women.          mavens pride is something that cannot be taken away; therefor, pride is worth dying for. Why live a life if one is going to live a lie? passel do not realizes that a mans name is looked upon by others, even after death. What one does in life reflexes the past as well as the future. destruction for what one believes is an honor and a privilege. One can not think of a retain statement than that of Elizabeth Proctor at the end of the story; He have his goodness now. divinity fudge forbid I take it away from him! (page 145). If you want to get a full essay, come out it on our website: Orderessay

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