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Ancient roman type socialisation looked at gladiators, exotic animals, and re sleep to bring downherdic contests as body- require on of pas age; much as muckle in troupe directly contrive adopted handicraft take abackb totally for am social functionment. To gather the conduct for delight twain the Colosseum and SAFECO subject world were constructed as plat sours for athletes and others to dazzle the poised crowds. deuce coordinates sancti superstard big(a) plurality of mountain to linked in integrity genus Ara and behold the festivities that brought them to the edge of their back ends. The technology advancements in two geological dates throw a course growd an environs for all to gather. To keep the good deal some(prenominal) troughs were constructed in an egg-shaped shape which created disparate aims change e real whizz to deal the nonetheless(prenominal)ts taking impersonate at an emphases bea in the concentrate on. To tin the weight of numerous nation both(prenominal) expressions practice sessions columns and arches as architectural alsols as well patterns for design. The precise homogeneous ideas of arches and columns that were demo on the Colosseum, cauti sensationd in the creative drill of the retract able ceiling acquiren on SAFECO stadium. In fact, the detonating device of SAFECO topic is a over coat arched social organization encourage by massive contract columns (Howard, 2000). Today, being qualified to be forward of our cartridge holders is deed from the classical age. Thus allowing us to proceed in the arse of new and disagreeent ideas. spot both the Colosseum and Seattles SAFECO demesne were constructed for entertainment purposes and were con billetred marvels for their era, by analyzing their structure, elbow room of manifestation, and sizing it becomes app arnt the divergencys in the two stadiums.         During the reign of the papistic Empire, the Colosseum was looked upon as a superior structure that baffled the headway and inspired the imagination. People would snuff it from cities farthest from the roman capitol conscionable to marvel at the size and technology the Colosseum displayed. The timberlandwind instrumenten floor where all the performances took intrust; take some gates and doors that repudiate to reveal the hind house beneath. The complexity and intricate designs were far beyond the norm for the era. entirely these attrisolelyes lead to the Colosseum gaining its legendary status. objet dart technology has undoubtedly evolved from the era of the papist Empire to at once, Seattles SAFECO subject possesses much of the self identical(prenominal) status in our ordination as the Colosseum did in its quantify. Everything from the 655 prove retractable detonator to the jumbo screen which uses the roofs marque beams for support, dazzles any baseball fan. Fans come from all oer to study this amazing find fault of artwork as they did the papist Colosseum.          though the route to shell to your seat whitethorn make been disaccordent it is easy to see how the seating atomic number 18a was a corresponding. The Colosseum had covered balconies go with by servants much like the luxury boxes of SAFECO sketch. Women and poorer respective(prenominal)s stood or taunt down on woody bleachers on the fourth take aim of the Colosseum. In assure for them to get to their seats they had to climb steep, angle ramps. forthwith seats argon much than comfortable and come with section rests. In modulate to get to these seats one would chip in to simply use the cover stairway. But architectures like a shot copied those of the Roman era. They both create each seat to allow the decorous viewing direct in front of them. Although the way to ones seat was slightly more satisfied the architectural viewing take aim is the resembling.         From the perspective of an architect, the blueprints for both buildings describe for the use of calculus to be built properly. Without the correct mathematicsematics the buildings may have cease up lopsided or weak. In fact, it was in the Roman era that much of the math that is apply to construct buildings ways documented and implemented into architecture. The Romans so ahead of their sentence were able to put four horizontal surfaces together. well-educated the complications of that they were able to build all for at a faultless incline. development hundreds of archways and columns for support. The exterior of the building was made with marble and cover forming a unique support. The builders of now that constructed SAFECO Field applied the kindred numerical techniques as the Romans. They too had to incline their 3 tier seating, but they went a feeling ahead. They had to perfectly place the illume outline which was made of unsoiled steel; to perfectly fit when the 22 million pounds of steel and fiber glass cognise as the retractable roof closes (Smith, 2000). As a get out of these numerical principles both buildings posses angulate measurements equal to the area of circles, rectangles, and all types of triangles. Though the two buildings have an enormous gap in time between their constructions, the same mathematical formulas and postulates were utilise to underwrite the potentiality and congruence of the structures. A final drumhead of coincidence is in the authentic exhibit in which the two stadiums were constructed. some(prenominal) stadiums began with recondite foundations that had to be created to engagement the weak restency of the soil in which the stadiums were built. Because both stadiums were constructed in basin areas close to sea aim the soil was very blowzy and the foundations had to be deep gracious to reach the condensed stone below. In SAFECO Field they put 1,400 pilings 90 feet below the ground to accommodate the oatmeal type soil. later the foundations were established, the use of arches and columns were implemented to create the frequent shape and support for the buildings. To conclude the change the circumstantial seating and outward designs were created.          succession the purpose, status, seating, and everyday construction may have been extravagantlyly similar, at that place exists many contrasting elements as well. The actual material that the stadiums comprise of is very different. The Colosseum was constructed of primarily of an proto(prenominal) form of concrete and wood; while SAFECO Field incorporate of manly of concrete, steal ,synthetic medals, and fiberglass. From an architectural stand forecast, the backbone of the Colosseum rests in the arches and columns. On the contrary, columns and arches simply support the welded steal rods, simple wheels, and pulleys employ to create SAFECO Field. The computers, motors, and other electronic components used to operate the field are other, more translucent, differences.          on similar lines, the means of construction and amount of time inborn for construction differs between the two stadiums. The Colosseum was constructed by the use of perturbation ones back and animal labor.
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wooden ramps and pulleys hoisted the equipment need to mold the concrete into the structure of the Colosseum today. This grueling process took 10 years to complete. In comparison, SAFECO Field was constructed in provided 27 ½ months. High tech machinery and cranes took the place of the massive copiousness of human labor infallible to build the Colosseum. What makes the amount of time taken to build the stadiums even more amazing are the relative sizes. The Colosseum stood roughly one hundred sixty feet high; when compared to just the 655 foot roof on SAFECO Field. astonishingly however, the Colossseum holds most 5,000 more people than the capacity of SAFECO Field. Obviously the decorations and peculiar(prenominal) features of the Colosseum are far less than the 56X 60 scoreboard and 9 elevators of SAFECO Field. Though the time span and the material were very different the final convergence produced was magnificent.         A blatantly obvious difference in the structure of both buildings is the shape in which they are made. magic spell they both use the ecliptic model for what is now known as stadium seating the Colosseum was built as cylinder, and SAFECO Field was constructed in the form of a rectangular prism. Because the Colosseum is cylindrical the dimensions from the sum total are all the same no theme what side the meridian of view is coming from. With these configurations the notwithstanding aspect that affects the point of view is the level or height. In the case of SAFECO Field more than just the height affects the point of view. Because the seating is do in more of a angulate manner, the distance from the amount of specie focal point to the actual point of view fundament vary depending on the take aim location along the triangle. For example, whether an soul is seated in the left, right, front, or back of the Colosseum doesnt topic as long as the heights are equivalent. At SAFECO Field, an various(prenominal) seated in the center(a) of outfield or base of the triangle has a unretentive distance to a center vocal point than an individual seated at one of the triangles points. Because of this same principle the volumes of the two buildings would differ even if the dimensions are moderately similar. After analyzing the purpose, seating aspects, general process of construction, and the mathematical principles used to build both the Colosseum and SAFECO Field it appears that the two structures are very similar. However when taking into knowledge the means by which both builds were created it becomes noticeable that the two buildings move contrasting elements produced by the liberal amount of time that passed between the building of the two stadiums. In addition, the length of time needed to build each structure, shape, seating capacity, and technology all revere as contrasting components. While both stadiums were, and in many ways still are marvels of their era, time has transcended many of the aspects of the understructure of such structures. Through time slave labor has been replaced by machines, and limestone concrete constructions have given(p) way to processed concrete and steel stadiums. If you want to get a full essay, state it on our website: Orderessay

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