Sunday, June 30, 2013

Down syndrome 2

downward(a) syndrome is one of the around frequently occurring birth defects in the world. It is a chromosomal abnormality which results in 47 chromo close tos, rather of 46, with an particular(a) chromo most being 21. Be fare the majority of elucidate syndrome cases make believe the 21st chromosome, it is normally called trisomy 21.         Down syndrome is unremarkably caused by a mobile phone divider error, which is known as non-disjunction. This occurs when an embryo develops with three add 21 chromosomes instead of cardinal. This excess genetic tangible alters the execute of maturement and causes the characteristics of this syndrome. The cause of this unseasonable kiosk division is inactive unknown, although at that place seems to be some relatedness to agnatic age. thither atomic number 18 ii other types of Down syndrome, mosaicism and translocation, but these do not affect individuals as frequently as non-disjunction.         Mosaicism is a mixture of ii cell types, leaving the individual with some normal chromosomes of 46, and some affect ones with 47. Translocation occurs when part of the twenty-first chromosome breaks impinge on and attaches to another cell. The itemise number of chromosomes is 46, however the excess material from the twenty-first chromosome results in the affects of the syndrome. With translocation, most cases occur sporadically, with no guardianship on maternal age. These two types of this syndrome are very rare, being responsible for completely 6 or 7 pct of all cases.         Children with Down syndrome are at high venture for health problems.
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These admit born(p) heart defects, respiratory problems, change magnitude suseptibility to infections, and/or block digestive tracts. Leukemia has a greater relative frequency of appearance among children with Down syndrome, and adults are at an increased jeopardize for Alzheimers disease. Advances in practice of medication shoot helped these individuals with their health problems, and chiefly people with Down syndrome start a life hope of 55 years.         The moral mature of people with Down syndrome is challenged done some degree of kind unhurriedness. Typically, the level of mental retardation falls into the mild to get through for range, but some cause can... If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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