Thursday, March 28, 2013

Vergil’s The Aeneid And Homer’s The Odyssey: Simil

Although written centuries apart, Vergils The Aeneid and Homers The Odyssey have several(prenominal) key similarities in terms of both content and fictitious character traits. Especially prevalent in Book V of The Odyssey, Vergils references to the build up and ensuing reactions to the infamous surprise atomic number 18 not hard to find upon reading both works. both heros find themselves at the mercy of a god they managed to mention angry at some point along their travels. In Odysseus case, he is pitted against Neptune, analogous with, but not like to, the Greek god Poseidon. His wrath first appears after Odysseus arrogantly identifies himself to Polyphemus, the cyclops he just blinded who also happens to be Poseidons son. As a result, Poseidon conjures up a storm just as Odysseus sets divulge from Calypsos promised land on a makeshift raft. Similarly, Aeneas endures the prevailing rage of Juno, eyesight as she is still bitter from the Trojan War, when she calls upon Aeolus to create a storm of her hold. In Homers description of the storm, he notes how Poseidon uses his trident to stir up the ocean in the hopes that Odysseus will not be able to ride it out. In comparison, Aeolus used his own trident to puncture a hole in the mountain in which he kept the winds.

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Vergil again uses similar language as Homer in describing the winds, noting how they form a hurri burne and blot out the sky and daylight from the Trojans eyes as darkness broods down on the sea (Vergil I:88). Homer, about identically in occurrence, recalls how Poseidon sent a wall of rain to blot out land and sea in torrential night (Homer V). Perhaps an even more significant jibe is the feeling of impending doom both heros experience during their period at sea. In an adaptation of Vergils work, the author notes how every sign potend[s] a quick death for mariners (Fitzgerald). The same can be seen in the beginning of Odysseus monologue when he succumbs to the fact that he is going down, thats sure (Fitzgerald). Furthermore,...If you want to piddle a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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