Friday, March 29, 2013

Body Image

The two phrases I chose focus on body reckon specifically the desire of being thin in occidental nicety. The extreme thinness that seems to be so desired and obligate upon society by the media is not natural; it is unhealthy some(prenominal) mentally and physically. These articles, Conquering the Fear of a Fat clay: The Journey toward Myself and Reading the Slender bole, both show how the culture of being thin affects slew in a very negative way.
In the first article, Reading the Slender Body, Susan Bordo discusses the normalizing agency of diet and exercise. The media imposes an image on women, what they are supposed to timbre like. This has a very negative affect on women, especially those who do not fit into these molds, which is the majority. In the first article she explains how historically denying ones self food was seen as more of an improvement in self and being master in moderation of all things. Then moving into the nineteenth century it became more about the pursuit of and idealized weight. She states: people began to measure their dietary achievements by the numbers on the dental plate rather than by the level of their mastery of impulse and excess.
In the second article, Conquering the Fear of a Fat Body: The Journey toward Myself, the narrator Regina D.

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Williams tells her story of the struggle of being punishing and countless failed diets. She speaks of her feelings of unworthiness because of her weight and how it affected her self-esteem. I care how she points out that after doing extensive research about obesity she finds out that most diets do not work and that fast is very unhealthy. Furthermore, something I didnt know, dieting destroys muscle (especially the heart), bone, organs, and spirit tissue. She lists illnesses associated with dieting such as depression, anxiety, heart disease, reduced subway to infection, and osteoporosis. Eventually Williams comes to terms with her weight.
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