Thursday, February 28, 2013

Immune System

Immune diseases and immunodeficiencies
Certain important diseases argon linked to deficiencies in the repellent system and others to some abnormal functions of said system. Dysfunctions or deficiencies cannister be primary ( unlearned or acquired) or petty(a) (as a consequence of other diseases such as cancer). Immunosuppression can also occur as a side pitch to the treatment of some illnesses corresponding cancer.
Generally, primary immunodeficiencies argon congenital and vary from benignant abnormalities to severe deficiencies. B-lymphocyte dysfunctions and a lack of antibodies be relatively common problems which affect one in every(prenominal) 500 people and be unremarkably related to repeated infections (especially induced by bacteria). This kind of problem can usually be treated with monthly gamma globulin injections, which contains several antibodies. T-lymphocyte and immune cell malfunctions are much less common than antibody-related deficiencies. They are well-nighly linked to viral and fungal infections and are harder to treat. The most serious immunodeficiencies are those in which both T and B-lymphocytes are compromised; practically all such deficiencies can be deadly in the absence of a radical treatment like a bone marrow transplant.

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In more new years, the kind of immunodeficiency that has attracted the most attention is the acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS).
alternative immunodeficiencies can be induced by toxic drugs (like the ones utilise in cancer treatments), by malnutrition or as a result of other diseases such as cancer. They range from benign to severe, and can be related to either B or T-lymphocytes. The best course of treatment is to mitigate the root problem.
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