Thursday, February 28, 2013

How Does The Amount Of Sugar Affect The Time Taken

How does the come in of gelt affect the period taken for net income to dissolve in water?

We were asked to carry out an canvass on whether the amount of chou to dissolve would affect the conviction taken for it to dissolve in water. I tried to investigate whether the diametrical amounts of sugar affected the time it alsok for sugar to dissolve, by keeping the temperature constant at 60ºC and the amount of water at 100 ml, and whether 3 tsp of sugar dissolve the same, quicker or slower in water than 1 tsp of sugar by using scientific methods.

I count on that in my experiment when I increase the amount of teaspoons of sugar, the time needed for the sugar to dissolve will increase. I intrust this will happen because the more sugar molecules there atomic number 18 at the same time, the longer it will take for them to go steady space inbetween the water molecules.

Does the amount of sugar affect how fasting the sugar dissolves?
The experiment
The experiment was based on dissolving diametric quantities of sugar in 100ml water at 60ºC and to keep track of how much time it took for the sugar to dissolve.
We fasten sure that we used the same amount of water in each(prenominal) trial, and that the temperature was maintained at 60ºC.

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I bring forward that if we do not have the same amount or the same temperature, we might influence the experiment in a way that would make it impossible to tell if the amount of sugar to be dissolved had an influence on time. Ideally, I should similarly be considering the amount of stirring and the speed of stirring because this too might have an impact on how quickly sugar dissolves.
I have now almost isolated iodine variable â€" which means that I have tried to make sure that only one thing (amount of teaspoons of sugar) is being changed each time.
The experiment was made 5 times, each time with different amounts of sugar and then measuring the time it took for the sugar to dissolve.
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