Thursday, January 31, 2013

An Sts Glimpse Inside The Black-box Of Socio-economic-techno-driven Evolution Of Humanity.

Redefining the Role of Science and Technology in the Society and HumanityExploring the fatal Box of Policy MakingIntroductionAn important theme in the exploration of humanityity in comparison to science , engine room and confederation is the evaluation of the political black box particularly the multi corrective study of discip hounds in the social sciences in to be of tending in the policy making and governance of societies . Along this line , this seeks to provide an analysis of the black box in relation to the socio-economic-technological driven world of humanity . An important consideration in doing so is to analyze the process of decision-making in the governmental take and how it affects the process of science and technology application to societies . Consequently , this argues that ascribable to the complexity of humanity , a multi disciplinary approach is demand in to provide a good measurement in the application of science and improve confederationThe Socio-Economic-Technology Driven Evolution of HumanitySince the pioneering elaborate of Darwin the Origin of the Species , the inter-linkage between science and technology and the growing and survival of the fittest of humanity has never been more pro prove than in straight off s association . According to Darwin , the evolutionary principles of inheritance , selection and translation is intricately linked to the language of man including that of the moral principles and human groups (Hodgson , 2005 . Hence , discoveries , inventions of new technologies and explorations of man s limitless potential for baring has led to the production of goods and services that would have otherwise been unobtainable in the absence of science and technology . Concurrently along with technological breakthroughs that have been maximally experienced by the society in the last 100 years is the growth and evolution of humanity (Shurtleff , 2002 .
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To a significant extent science and technology has vast contributions on society particularly in cost of economic growth , better standards of living , the development of cultivations and is found in all areas of society whether politics economics , wellness , transformation , communication and all imaginable facets of human civilization . However , despite the earlier theories of Darwin , he himself had proposed that science should be studied in the societal level in to profit the understanding of man s relationship to science , technology and society (Hodson , 2005In general , science and technology had played a controlling role in the development of human lives : from the food we occupy , the clothes we wear and the creation of our unlimited wants and needs to the extend of our basic necessities which would now include communication gadgets and electrical appliancesHowever , maculation the advantages of science and technology spans to different aspects in our lives and society , its jounce on other domains and other societies should also be considered (Soon , 2006 . basic , there is a need to provide for a sail disciplinary and multi disciplinary education in to understand the profuse extent of the socio-economic-technological impact on the evolution of humanity . For fount , the impact of science and technology on the environment and pictorial resources has been that...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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