Friday, November 30, 2012

Political Parties

Political Parties Every country has some form of pre nervential term in which the country is ran on, and a political figure who runs the country. though in America we impart two choices as to who runs the country. This is participatory and republi depose. Elections are held to determine who go forth have control of the presidency. i choose the democratic party as my party of choice. The butt on i went through to make this decision was their view points on politics. Health Care The Democratic troupes view on health fretfulness is to get affordable health care to those who may non be able to afford it. As well as expand health care reportage while not increasing the cost of health care, so that people can get the service or medicinal drug they conduct at a reasonable price they can afford. the republican party feels that the health care plan will lead to inefficiencies, long waiting period, and substandard health care. My individualized beliefs are in favor of helping those in need of health care. Education The Republican Partys view on education is to show what kids actually know and if they dont show they are qualified than they do not travel to the following grade. Also to limit the role of the federal organization in education. Achievement is the key to college.
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The Democratic Party feels that no child should be left behind or continues until any student understands the material. That standardized tests should be for advanced learning not mandatory to pass. Also to reduce the size of the classrooms. Both parties have views in which i believe in, though im going to side with the republicans because i believe that if a certain level of students should be accountable to do what is needed to pass. And if they dont so they shouldnt be aloud to advance.. Illegal Immigrants The Democratic Party feels that illegal immigrants should be protect from being criminalized. That they should be protected from exploitation by their employers, also have a agency to earn their citizenship. Where... If you want to get a full essay, society it on our website: Orderessay

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