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Chapter 1, The Taming of the Heart Summary and Analysis The Puritan story begins in 1544, when hydrogen VIII, King of England, splits the Church of England from the Roman Catholic Church, bringing England into the Protestant Reformation. When monasteries atomic number 18 closed, Adam Winthrop, a London cloth merchant, buys purpose of one of the confiscated monasteries. Forty-four years later, the English navy defeats the Spanish Armada, ensuring that England cannot be recaptured by the Catholic Church. That same year, John Winthrop, the grandson of Adam, is born, and grows up in Groton Manor, the estate Adam purchased. Winthrop grows up the only son of wealthy parents who are constantly visited by family members with tales of strange places. Winthrops father, the warrant Adam Winthrop of Groton, is a good man, trained in law, and utilize to making..... Chapter 2, Evil and Declining Times Summary and Analysis Puritans are, of course, interested in amend the world. Men must constantly attempt to give deity perfect obedience. However, evil in their hearts willing always betray them. Thus, men must have institutions to constrain their wickedness. divinity will then reward minor victories over will with minor rewards, bringing prosperity and health to nations that punish evil.
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In the Puritan view, nations or peoples exist through a compact car with God where they agree to obey Gods law and He promises to treat them well in return, much like the pact God had with ancient Israel. Governments are instituted to punish the wicked and so long as they do so, men owe them their total obedience. Otherwise, God will punish the nation. It is not always clear, however, whether a..... Chapter 3, A Shelter and a Hiding Place Summary and Analysis By Winthrops time, Englishmen have been settling in Virginia and New England for decades. Many Puritans are interested in colonization before Charles Is licentiousness of Parliament and many noblemen continue to be interested in funding colonization, despite... If you want to get a full essay, smart set it on our website: Orderessay

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