Friday, September 21, 2012

Essay on Fahrenheit 451

Fahrenheit 451” is a cult novel by Ray Bradbury which dwells upon the image of the American society in future. The main problem lies in destroying the interest in reading and educating yourself in general. Books are burned and the only thing left is television which exists merely for entertaining.
 Fire brigades work differently in future. Their main aim is to find people who keep books in their houses, take them away and burn those items. Television doesn't serve any educational purposes. An essay on Fahrenheit 451 is supposed to deal with those burning issues which are highlighted in the novel. These include such major issues as censorship and the opposition between ignorance and knowledge.
 Speaking about ignorance and intelligence, it is a topic of great significance in this book. The thing is that the future consuming society doesn't want to broaden their horizon. They are absolutely comfortable with the current sate of affairs. Television is their source of everything. They don't need anything else as almost everybody is pretty happy where they are. 
However, there are people who try to oppose this ignorance. Books have always been the source of knowledge but not all people get that. Those who do hide books at home so that no one else could find them. They are perfectly aware of the fact that if somebody finds out, they are going to have big problems. Gut Montag is the one who tries to oppose the established order. He is the protagonist of the story.
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